Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


Most have forgotten, but we had "rolling blackouts" during Super Bowl week 10 years ago. My thought then is the same now: There's something flat-out weird about it which doesn't make sense, and I can't help but wonder if we are being taken for a ride. 

  • With that introduction, this headline below didn't help yesterday: 

  • Even Oklahoma is somehow doing fine throughout this ordeal, and Arkansas taunted us yesterday by using snow plows on their side of Stateline Road in Texarkana. This whole week has revealed how Texas was unprepared, and it makes our braggadocio reputation seem hollow. silly, and forever unjustified.

  • A faithful reader between Decatur and Slidell sent me this pic yesterday. His power has been out since Monday.  Incredible. 

  • I bet Rick Perry didn't ask him if he was willing to make that sacrifice -- something which Perry thinks we are all willing to do just to act stupidly independent in the face of the federal government. (Hey, remember that Trump made Perry the Energy Secretary -- the same guy who got a D in college in a course named "Meats"?) 

  • I got to experience the joy of the snowstorm yesterday morning when the Family Dog decided to make a break for it. The mutt acted like he was free from a life a bondage with a miraculous series of zig-zagging sprints and changes of direction that covered a half mile. That dumb thing actually loved the snow, and the chase went on for 30 minutes.
  • I'm also proud to report I didn't break a bone when, during my pursuit of the wild beast through the streets, I hit a patch of ice, my feet came out from under me, and the upper part of my body came crashing down on the snowy pavement. An ambulance ride was flashing before my eyes on the way down to ground. I got lucky. 
  • I also had the joy of a experiencing a busted pipe later in the day. Fortunately, I saw it the second it happened and knew how to shut off the water at the main. 
  • Broken pipes are happening to everyone. The civil courts building in Dallas is not doing well:

  • I researched as to how hard it would be fix a pipe (if you can get to it), and it really doesn't look that hard at all. But good luck finding a tube/pipe cutter if you don't already own one. They are sold out all across the Southwest Proper. Literally.

  • Social media and media outlets are abuzz about Ted Cruz possibly being spotted going to Cancun yesterday. Between him, Perry and Abbott, is the GOP trying to lose Texas in the future? 

  • Rush Limbaugh has died. Judging from the online reaction, more than a few people didn't think very highly of him. I'm in that group.  Two generations of politicians thought that Limbaugh's online bombastic and callous persona was the way that an actual human being should act. And somehow it got them elected. 
  • Watch Trump's building in Atlantic city being imploded yesterday. (Hey, see that building to the right that is still standing today? It is where the Democrats held their 1964 convention. I found a photo of it below. Think LBJ felt a little pressure with those signs behind the stage?)

  • "The San Diego Padres and superstar shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. agreed to a 14-year, $340 million contract extension Wednesday night."  I'm torn on this. Did Tatis agree to too long of a contract? That amount might be considered cheap 10 years from now but, on the other hand, baseball is the one sport that might be in financial dire straits in a decade.