Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Deion's house had broken pipes during the ice storm of 2011. (He has since sold the place and most of the land around it to a developer for a subdivision. Here is the home now on Zillow.)

  • Yesterday, I had to re-locate to a secure location just to make sure Liberally Lean wouldn't be kept down by Big Energy, The Man, The Weather, and any other co-conspirators. 
  • How is ERCOT doing? This was the headline yesterday afternoon. What a cluster this has turned out to be.

  • Your anger about the widespread power outage is in direct proportion to whether you have been affected by it. Random outrage example:

  • The most appropriate headline comes from the Texas Tribune

  • Gov. Abbott was all over TV acting mad about the situation.  Buddy, the Texas establishment has created this situation. You guys care more about whether the Mavericks play the National Anthem than whether the state will be crippled because of something called "cold weather." You and your cronies need to look in the mirror. 
  • No, it wasn't because of the windmills. Quit lying. And Fox News has been doing a lot of this in the last 24 hours 

  • Back to Abbott, you have got to have a special amount of hubris to lead a state that is as far away from implementing the "Green New Deal" as possible, but somehow blame this current disaster on AOC.  And he blamed windmills. That's a lie. And what's he doing wasting time on Hannity during a crisis? He's a con man, but just keep on voting for him. 

  • Remember Texas politicians mocking California for not being able to provide electricity?
    • Ted Cruz:

    • Dan Crenshaw:

  • Here's a graphic of the power grids. We are in the green one that cares about profits over the pubic welfare. 

  • ERCOT is a non-profit corporation. Here are the salaries headed by people with oil industry ties:

  • Did you know that ERCOT has asserted in Texas courts that it can't be sued claiming sovereign immunity and won? The Texas Supreme Court is now considering the case. That court, which is also full of politicians because they are elected, will now rule against them since they know everyone will be watching. Funny how that works. 
  • Any legislative hearings over ERCOT, and politicians were all pounding their chests for them yesterday, will just be for show. Just like the multiple round tables Abbott held on gun violence after the El Paso massacre, they will be held in order to look like something will be done.

  • If any changes are made, you can rest assured they will be so insignificant as to hardly be noticeable, yet certain groups and individuals will make a fortune implementing them. It's the way Texas does things. 
  • Downtown Dallas went into light saving mode last night. This, too, will last only a couple of days.  

  • Below is how not to be the mayor of Colorado City, Texas. I mean, literally. If you write that as mayor of Colorado City, Texas, as this guy did, you will find yourself being forced to resign within 24 hours. 

  • A busted pipe creates a waterfall in Victory Park in Uptown Dallas. Video.

  • A waterfall from the roof at the downtown Hilton in Fort Worth. Video.

  • The national level Republican Mommy and Daddy are fighting.


  • Because of the reduction in COVID hospitalizations, as of yesterday "Wise County businesses can return 75 percent capacity."  Of course, we would have to find a business operating under 75% capacity for that news to matter.
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