Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This will be bare-bones. I’m a victim of Big Energy at the moment. 
  • We made it through the day yesterday, but the power then went out at midnight. It is still out. 
  • We are fine (thanks to my excellent survivalist skills and that Doomsday Preppers magazine I picked up at Brookshires), but this is dangerous for some people. 
  • I know people in Decatur who have been without power for 24 hours. Bridgeport, because of their unique power situation, is in good shape I’m told. 
  • And lots of people in the metroplex are told to boil their water on their non-working electric stoves. 
  • Saw this yesterday posted by a weekend Ticket host who had been without power . . . .

  • I don’t understand the energy grid issues, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is royally screwed up. This isn’t all due to an ice storm that snapped power lines across the state. This is all because of predictable cold weather. 
  • What the hell is Ercot anyway? And “transmission owners” are ordered to “shed megawatts”? 
  • Best I can tell, Texas has its owned screwed up grid because it had a beef with FDR. 
  • How much natural gas was wasted in West Texas fracking?
  • Should we add this event to our “Texas is the greatest state in the nation” list?
  • The Dallas Stars were shamed into canceling their game last night at the last minute. They didn’t see anything wrong with heating up an empty AAC. They have been tone deaf lately. 
  • Wichita Falls got to -8 last night.  
  • I’m putting Decatur officially at -4. 
  • Tarrant County is closed today, and I assume that includes District Clerk Tom Wilder’s office who has shown reckless disregard for the lives of his employees over the years. 
  • I tapped this out on a mobile device with frozen fingers. Hardest Working Man in Show Business.