Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: Back to setting new records. (And, by all accounts, our neighbor Tarrant County is getting crushed.)

  • Here is a new video with the best angle of the shooting of the lady in the Capitol while trying to make her way to a chamber of Congress. (Graphic.) They finally bashed that window out on the right and, the second she tried to go through it, they dropped her. 

  • Mitch McConnell is no longer on the Trump Train. This doesn't mean at all that the Senate will vote to impeach, but this is the official notification that the Republican Party wants nothing to do with the Donald Trump.  It's over. Or they split the Republican Party. Those are now the choices.

  • Republican Liz Chaney in the House, joined by a few other Republicans, minced no words as she announced she will vote to impeach. 

  • I think this is right:

  • The halls of the nation's Capitol this morning - the National Guard sleeping in the hallways and awakening in the adjacent underground visitors center:

  • Metal detectors were installed at the Capitol yesterday preventing law makers from carrying guns into the Chambers -- a Congressional rule. Republicans revolted.  The problem is that there are now admitted QAnon supporters serving in Congress that this country was dumb enough to elect -- they are capable of anything. 

  • Compare and contrast: Concealed license holders can even open carry in the Texas Capitol.  (Heck, anyone might be able to carry a long rifle in there just like you can walk down the street with one. I'm not sure if they've prohibited that. I should know, but I don't.)
  • Speaking of the Texas Capitol, here is Texas Republican Chairman Allen West posing with wannabe militia members yesterday.  And DPS Troopers brought a show of force. 

  • Add Walmart to the list of corporations (Marriott, Citibank, AT&T, Dow) now halting political donations to Republican lawmakers who voted against certifying the election results.

  • Did you know that similar charges ("DEER FAIL TO KEEP IN EDIBLE CONDITION") are pending against someone in Wise County and that person is represented by the former leader and lawyer of the Proud Boys?  Twenty-two cases were filed on December 28, 2020 in Justice of the Peace #2. Just an observation. 

  • I'm no college football expert (well, I kind of am), but I'm not sure if I'd be firing off this edict on the first day on the job without talking to my players first -- players which have already proven they don't want to sing the song. 

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