Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: An uptick from yesterday. 

  • Covid and Alabama. I wasn't sure this was real when I saw the crowd online, but then CBS posted it.  (There's a video in the link - the crowd is much larger.)

  • Regarding the end of college football season, AP voters had to send in their final ballots after last night's game. Nathan Baird of Cleveland.com accidentally voted for Texas Tech at #5 instead of the Aggies.  It apparently got fixed a couple of hours later. 

  • Yesterday, in the same day, Wise County got a new County Court at Law Judge and a new District Attorney. These are positions which change maybe once every couple of decades. Now you know why I did that multi-bullet point on Friday talking about a "24 hour window" just as a mental exercise? There was a lot going on behind the scenes. 
  • An amazing opening to this story

  • Boardroom backlash:  Many major corporations have announced they will no longer donate to the campaigns of those Republican Congressman who voted for treason by objecting to accepting the votes of electoral college after the MAGA mob tried to overthrow the government.

  • Example of a DFW Congressman running scared. You own it, buddy. Why are you deleting it?

  • For Wise County record-keeping: Kay Granger did not vote to overturn the election. (She literally did not cast a vote because of COVID issues.) Ronny Jackson, a Trump lap dog, voted for sedition.  But someone explain to me the vote of Texas freshman right-winger Beth Van Dunne out of Irving. She voted no on one objection but yes on the other -- the only person to split her votes. From listening to her in general, she might not be smart enough to understand that a "nay" vote meant she was voting against the objection. Maybe someone explained it to her before the second vote.

  • In case last Wednesday's riot wasn't telegraphed enough beforehand, the terrorists are at it again. I presume bringing your own zip ties is optional. 
    Source: Parler

  • I pointed out the guy with the "Sheriff" jacket yesterday, and now the feds are specifically looking for him

  • Oh, good lord. 

  • Let's lighten up the room a bit: Random car driving through wet cement in Southlake on Friday night

  • Random impressive snowman out of Stephenville from Sunday night. Seriously, that's top notch:

  • Ok, back to business: First the PGA cancels its Championship at Trump's Bedminster golf course,  Deutsche Bank announces it won't work with Trump in the future, Bill Belichick refuses to accept the Medal of Freedom from him, and now this news comes this morning.

  • There was big legal news which occurred under the radar on Friday. The Supreme Court agreed to hear one of the greatest Free Speech case of all time: Whether schools can punish a cheerleader for her F-Bombs on social media directed at the school but spoken outside of school hours and outside of school property. It seems to me that it is a no-brainer that the school can't, but I'm just a simple country lawyer.