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Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: There's a weird drop of over 800 yesterday which I can't explain. 

  • The videos and photos released over the weekend about The Trump Insurrection at the Capitol were far worse than we thought -- and we had already thought the situation was sickening. What a violent group of thugs.  Every day, as we learn more about thus, it metastasizes into a bigger, more horrific story.

  • Here's the video most are talking about as well as a photo of the beaten officer from a different angle. 

  • Let's find this guy. (That link has a good angle of him dragging the cop down the stairs.) I'm not sure what's up with the "SHERIFF" patch. 

  • A raging mob of Trump supporters, whipped into a frenzy behind the White House just moments earlier, killed a cop. And they were looking to hang Mike Pence.  Let that sink in. 

  • What if D.C. had had an open carry law? What if that mob was allowed to carry AR-15s like in Texas? What would have happened? 
  • Here's the ugly truth: There is still a large percentage of Trump supporters which actually approve of what happened on Wednesday. They are all around you. 
  • Trump may very well be impeached for the second time by Wednesday. How can he not be? 

  • Even Fox News knows that the tide is building for Trump's removal. 

  • Twitter permanently banned Trump on Friday as did a multitude of other services. Why? As I've told you for months, he is a literally a clear and present danger to the United States. And it wasn't the only one . . . 

    • And don't give me this crap that he has been "silenced". Right next door to the Oval Office is a press room which is the biggest bullhorn on the planet.
    • Speaking of private companies. ("Cumulus! The power of radio!")  Locally, this impacts WBAP the most. 

  • We now have fences around the Capitol and the Supreme Court. I'm glad I went to D.C. last year. It may never be the same again. 

  • Speaking of my trip to D.C., after my touristy tour of the Capitol, I actually posted last December about how Nancy Pelosi's office is right off the Rotunda on the first floor. We were moving at the time, but I took this photo as we were walking by. 

    • You've seen the photos of the guy sitting at Pelosi's desk, but I also found this one: 

  • People have sent me pictures of Wise County residents who attended the rally. I decided to cut them a break and not post them. If they had entered the Capitol, I'd be posting them every day. 
  • A pretty big newspaper in the East Texas woods, and from the land of Louie Gohmert, published this. Yep, it's real. (They later retracted the lie.)

  • Parler, the far right-wing replacement for Twitter,  is gone this morning after it was pulled from the servers hosted by Amazon killed it.  That will come as sad news to Fort Worth PD which decided to join a platform which supports the overthrow of the United States. 

  • I can't believe I missed this Idiocracy comparison last week. 

  • Regarding my "24 hour window" for an appointment of a new D.A. in Wise County which may will probably begin today, it sounds like Wise County Judge J.D. Clark took control of the situation on Friday. Give him credit for avoiding an under-the-radar huge political mess for Wise County.