Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations: A major jump of +424 after setting a record yesterday. 

  • And don't forget that even though that's a Texas state-wide chart, it's right around us with a vengeance.

  • We might want to pick up the pace. This isn't exactly, uh, warp speed:

  • Not exactly the best news

  • So, as I understand the story, TABC is "training" guys who work for private entities as beer deliverers (we've all seen them) to look for "signs" of human trafficking and then report back. Why? TABC can then just walk in the door because they have unlimited power to do so.  In this era where people almost got killed because of nutcase rumors in Pizzagate, what could possibly go wrong? 

  •  Then again, sometimes even tips which seem really important lead to no action at all:

  • Socialism!  (But, since he's on a roll, can he push for $4,000 while he's at it?)

  • Two more people have died at the Tarrant County Jail. One due to COVID and one due to suicide. That would bring the total to 17 for the year. Incredible. 
  • This is a great Jerry Jones recent quote that went under the radar about how he deals with the salary cap.  It's all clear now, right? Lights on? Lights off? 

  • Don't talk to a Horns fan today. They'll tell you "they'rrreee baaaaack." Again. (Although that big man interception was most impressive.)

  • An OSU wide receiver might have opted-out of a bowl game at halftime last night. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold