Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: There you have it. We've been following this graph for months, and we've now reached an all time high. 

  • The House approved $2,000 for stimulus checks, but there's no way the Senate goes along with it. You'll be stuck with $600. But the Senate will override Trump's veto of the military funding bill to make sure we throw $740 billion at the business of war. Unless Bernie steps in . . . 

  • But if that military funding bill goes through with the override, say goodbye to confederate names on military bases! Oh, the horror! And our National Monuments will be torn down!  What's worse, you won't even be able to complain about it over 5G because it'll be gone too! (Side note: Someone needs to alert the funny farm on this man.)

  • Did you see that Southlake and Arlington Martin played a high school playoff game on Christmas Eve? And it was a night game. That's the only time they could fit it in?
  • The amateurs in DFW are rolling out this map. I need to remind you that I've yet to make a prediction, but I appreciate them trying to intimidate me by putting the wet/snow line right over Decatur. 

  • Here's a Christmas present I received of college T-shirts. There is a riddle in there as to how they are all related in some way and it is has nothing to do with sports.

  • The race to fill Drew Springer's now vacant Texas House seat has been set for a special election for January 23rd. And I would like to announce that Liberally Lean is being lobbied by the two announced candidates. I actually got a call from David Spiller from Jack County yesterday as he was out kissing babies and back slapping ranchers, but I've also been contacted directly by a family member of Jason Brinkley of Cooke County who tells me that they (the person who contacted me) is a "long time fan of your blog."  Can I moderate a debate where I just get to relay wheels off questions from Liberally Lean readers who could not possibly handle the situation maturely? I've even got my expensive graphic departments working on it: 

  • Dumbest man in Texas? 

  • I've been keeping my eye on the Lottery Case on appeal out of Wichita Falls. To refresh your memory, that's the case where the guy was convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault and received life in prison when his lawyers made the "strategic decision" not to put up any fight whatsoever. (I got locked in when I learned the guy's mom won the lottery and paid the lawyers, who were out of Plano, a reported $600,000.)  Anyway, the case was appealed last December and another lawyer was put in place.  So what's the status? That lawyer had a THIRD request for an extension of time to file the Defendant's Brief granted this month. It is now due in late March. (It was originally due in March 2019 but he got a six month extension back then.) The defendant is sitting in prison. 
  • I'm told not to call it a cult

  • Sports: This seems like a perfect time to bet on the Sooners, right? Warning: Sports betting is dangerous.

  • Sports II: I see a recurring name. 

  • John Fetterman is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, and he's on Twitter wanting Dan Patrick to pay up. In the immortal words of Teddy KGB in Rounders, "Pay the man his money."

  • Google "Mimi Groves" if you want to have an internal debate with yourself.
  • Be sure to bug everyone by asking, "How was your Christmas?"