Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations: We are 7 occupied beds short of the record we set in July.

  • Well, we had a terrorist bombing in Nashville, but we still don't know exactly what the motivation was. (Although the New York Post says this morning that he was a 5G conspiracy nut.) There was a video floating around containing the audio of a warning being broadcast, but I don't know if it was authentic or if what we are hearing was a police warning. 

  • Trump signed the Stimulus Bill last night. You'll still only get $600 regardless of what he says. I'm not sure what the hold up was about. 
  • And if you can decipher this tweet, you are smarter than me. 

  • No charges will be filed against the Wise County Sheriff dog shooter.
  • This post by a CNN reporter stopped me down on Christmas morning. Their baby died of cancer. I cannot imagine going through that and, at least for me, made all the Christmas brouhaha celebrated by the rest of us seem silly.  (Sorry for the downer, but I can't stop thinking about it.)

  • I was reading this Atlantic article of Christmas Eve and ran across the paragraph I reproduced below. Here's the audio of the song she referenced, and I then spent a good 30 minutes going down a rabbit hole about it and its author. 

  • The poor man got eviscerated for this picture

  • A Christmas observation by someone as he was watching It's A Wonderful Life. 

  • Here's the type of camera that Fox used for those funky high-def/blurry background images from the Cowboys game. It's a Sony A7R IV which retails for $10,000 (which is a lot less than I would expect.)

  • But that camera didn't capture this. (You weren't the only person who saw it.)

  • I know there are already rumors for snow later this week, but everyone needs to tap the brakes until after I issue my Declaration From Upon High in a day or two. I've got to get out my maps and TI calculator first. 
  • I'm watching The Flight Attendant (not bad), and this scene that I saw last night made me both simultaneously laugh and grown after dealing with the Wise County Criminal Justice System in the Lauren Whitener/Aric Maxwell case this year.  Below, the protagonist learns that the cops have stumbled upon evidence which will certainly be misinterpreted and cause them to jump to conclusions:

  • I had a couple of people reach out to me as to how to contact BagOfNothing but didn't say why. I just checked on his blog and now I know why. I feel bad about just now seeing that. Life can be overwhelming but, when it knocks us to our knees and overtakes us in a way we can't comprehend, almost all of us keep its impact hidden. Until you can't. Give the guy credit for putting it out there. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold