Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Let me look out the window. Well, the courthouse is locked up tighter than a drum. The streets look vacant. Let me check for the Messenger's Update. Nope. It's not there. But, rest assured dear reader, the HWMISB™ is here even on Christmas Eve. 
  • Texas Hospitalizations: +275. That's a huge daily jump. 

  • "Law and Order"

  • And, of course

  • I heard there was a little controversy at the local Decatur hospital when the COVID vaccine was distributed to people in line a couple of days ago. 

  • Here's the quick loading, yet long form, video of the Keller police pepper spraying a guy on the sidewalk. It's getting a little national attention after being featured in the Star-Telegram.

  • BOLO. Police are after this Jacksboro guy who may or may not have killed a man he was living with. He was last seen yesterday around Weatherford after he drove away from cops. The Star-Telegram says he is a "Jacksboro man accused of dumping a body in Parker County and assaulting a deputy." (My own hard-hitting research revealed he spent two weeks in the Parker County Jail on a parole violation in late August. He gave a Godley address as his home at the time.) 

  • I was able to find out about his arrest because Parker County, like Wise County, uses Tyler Technologies software.  It's good for online searches but can be a bear to use for county workers as Wichita County is finding that out right now: 

  • And that company makes a fortune in monthly and/or annual fees it charges to counties (in addition to a service charge for online filings statewide which it also monopolizes.)  I pulled the most recent Accounts Payable printout for Wise County and found this: 

  • Flashback: When Trump ruined Christmas for a seven year old. 

  • Fort Worth lawyers Terri Moore and Mark Daniel have been hired in a capital murder case in Wichita Falls and the local paper is giving them the royal treatment

  • I mentioned yesterday that attorney David Spiller of Jacksboro was running for the Texas House. Take a look at that wildly drawn district which does not include Wise County. Alas, my incredible political influence will be of no help to him. 

  • I'm sometimes curious as the Messenger's decision making process.  On Tuesday they did the very rare news blast about the Wise County deputy shooting his neighbor's dog, but then there is no mention about the incident at all in the Wednesday Update.  What gives? (Side note: Here's the Facebook post that started it all.) 
  • We've got a Poltergeist situation in Denton: