Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: Oh, my. 

  • A one vehicle rollover on 287 at the Tarrant/Wise County line shut down the highway for "several hours" last night around midnight. The driver was Joshua A. Daniel, 23, of Azle and passenger George Yawakie, 34, were both taken to JPS. 
  • COVID stimulus bill news: 

  • I'd bet big money that Ted Cruz will run for President again in 2024 even if Trump chooses to do the same. And he's studied and learned from Trump. Unlike 2016, he will be a crazy bull-in- the-China-shop in the primaries. He now knows what works. 
  • The trade publication for Texas lawyers ran a story (behind a paywall) of the big verdict being taken away from a Decatur law firm. I'm not real sure how much this lady had to do with it -- it was a very short and simple opinion that reversed the case. And I know she didn't even do the oral argument although she did sign off on the bank's brief (along with four other lawyers from the firm.)

  • And you think Shelley Luther had it bad because she had to spend a couple of days in the Dallas County hoosegow for violating shut down orders? Story.

  • Jamie Lee Curtis took out a full page ad in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday calling out the Dallas D.A. 

  • I kept seeing this long story all over my Twitter timeline so I finally read it. It's pretty, pretty good. 

  • We've got our first confirmed case of voter fraud where a dead guy voted -- for Trump. 

  • Fox News and  Newsmax have been running pieces retracting their false allegations that the voting machine software led to false voting results.  They were threatened with a lawsuit and both backed down in record time.  I haven't seen one from OAN yet. 

  • Another inmate has died in the Tarrant County Jail. Holy cow. That makes 15 people this year. Sheriff Bill Waybourn should be ashamed.
  • The whole country is turning into a bunch of grifters. 

  • Sports: TCU's offensive coordinator since 2014, Sonny Cumbie, has bolted for the same job at Texas Tech. The former Tech QB had been stripped of his play calling duties this season by Gary Patterson.  Sounds like returning to Tech is a no-brainer (and more fun.) 
  • Sports 2: Former Steelers linebacker Kevin Greene had died at age 58, but they won't tell us why.  That only fuels CTE speculation. 

  • Sports 3: No Cowboys were named to the Pro Bowl for the first time in 31 years. Normally, you would next hear of about 20+ players opt out of the game because of "injury" which would cause a couple of dozen new players to suddenly become "pro bowlers." But that won't happen this year because there is no game so there's nothing to opt out of. 
  • My number crunching tells me there about 20 people in the Wise County Jail who have been incarcerated for over 100 days which normally would have been processed through the system by now but for COVID. (Normally it's about 45 people at any given time who have been jailed over 100 days. The current number as of this morning is 68 and has been growing over the year.)