Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: +67.  I've preferred using this chart over the last few months, but for the first time I don't think it gives us an accurate picture of what's going on close to home. Wise County hit 135 active cases this week with 200 tests still pending. 

  • I've shied away from posting the statewide "new cases reported" chart because those numbers have seemed to fluctuate wildly. But here it is. We better hope yesterday's number was a statistical fluke.

  • The college football season is falling apart. The SEC postponed or cancelled three games for this weekend: Auburn/Mississippi State, Tennessee v. aTm, and Alabama/LSU. And over in the PAC-12, it looks like California/Arizona State is about to go down. 
  • Whatever happened to Trump's Coronavirus Task Force led by Mike Pence? Spoiler alert: They never cared at all. 
  • Imagine my surprise when I go this in the mail yesterday with no note or card.  My faithful readers, who might be just a tad unstable, love bits! 
    (It's about 8 inches tall but not made out of pure gold.)

  • I case you don't understand it, I wrote this last Friday.

  • You guys realize that the lawsuits challenging the election are just for show and going nowhere, right? But, go ahead, question Democracy as he we know it. You can't possibly do any damage. Oh, and you might want to buy tickets to the next Frye Festival because I've heard it's going to be great. 

  • I love this. Voter fraud is so rampant and widespread that he has to offer $1 million to find it. 

  • Fun fact: Everyone seems to think all of Texas' ballots were counted within 24 hours. It's not that simple.  Military ballots were allowed to be received up to 5:00 p.m. on Monday.  And yesterday was the deadline to review provisional ballots as well. 
  • Holy crap! I forgot about this! What are we going to do now!?  (But, technically speaking, you will only receive this punishment if you actually voted for Biden -- so 83% of Wise County gets to celebrate the holidays, get married, and keep their kids in school.) 

  • You want to talk about injustice? I'll show you injustice! What they are doing to the Official Liberally Lean Girl is an injustice!

  • The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on Obamacare, and I think my prediction that they would strike it down was 100% wrong. And I'll also admit that I really don't understand the legal arguments involved in it. I thought the argument was pretty simple: The Supreme Court had found in 2012 that the Act was constitutional only because of "X" where "X" was the existence of the Act's "individual mandate" (you either buy insurance or you or hit with a personal income tax penatly). Thus, when Congress repealed the individual mandate in 2017, the Act must no longer be constitutional.  It apparently isn't that simple, but it would take me a day to go into a deep dive to figure it out. Ain't nobody got time for that. (I think the words "only because" in my prior sentence is where I go wrong.)

  • It's Veteran's Day. When those guys held up a Nazi flag, you didn't have to think twice about why they were doing it. 

  • Hillary beat Trump by 3 million. As of this morning, Biden is on the cusp of reaching a 5 million margin.  But, Alaska was just called for Trump so he's got that going for him. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold