Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +609! Boom! There it is. I warned you that that the hospital numbers were about to skyrocket.

    • New Texas cases: Winter's coming. Hard. 

    • We've got a full blown crisis breaking out just like those "silly experts" told us would happen. And with Thanksgiving just two weeks, is there any consideration to reverting all schools to online learning until then? Or through Christmas? 
    • Remember when Gov. Abbott expanded the capacity of bars on October 7th? That, in itself, may not have much to do with this surge, but it sure didn't help by sending a message that we were "rounding the corner." 
    • Jury trials across Texas are set to resume on December 1st. That ain't going to happen, but for the life of me I don't understand what the the State is waiting on before they amend the date of the current ban. They've not issued an order since September 18th. 
    • Just a minor note: I blew by WBAP this morning and heard Steve Lamb say he was going to be in trouble with his wife tonight because "I didn't know the situation with our building"  because "I didn't see the email" before he came in to work. He followed that up by saying  he'd "probably have to get tested" before he could go home. WBAP is a Cumulus station as is The Ticket,  99.5 The Wolf, KLIF, and KCSC. I think they all broadcast out of the same offices in Victory Park in Dallas hard by the AAC where there must have been some crazy outbreak.
  • I haven't cried this hard about the ending of a relationship since the final scene of The Notebook. Trump has lost the blind faith of his boo. 

  • Once the states start certifying their election results (which is beginning now), all others will begin to fall in line like "Pastor" Jeffress. Certifications = Game Over. And it may be behind a paywall, but this story makes you cringe for the lawyers who have been dumb enough to take on the baseless challenges. Here's an example the story shares: Trump's legal teams don't even know how to follow state rules for appeals. 

  • "[H]ow hungry people are to consume lies." I'm going to put that on a throw pillow. 

  • I'm confused? Why no allegation of fraud? Why are we allowing a media outlet to "decide" an election? 

  • Texas Sheriffs are having a bad year. And the one in Tarrant County continues to prove he doesn't know how to run a jail. Or, more accurately, doesn't seem to care about how to run a jail. 

  • "This week. On The Bachelor.

  • Along with Lucille Bridges, I'm also remembering the late Judge Fostel this morning since he had that print of Ruby Bridges hanging on his office wall in the Wise County courthouse. (Ruby herself, if you were wondering, is now 66.)

  • Very apropos since this meme was floating around on Saturday night. 

  • I saw this photo of this memorial in Arizona yesterday which I wasn't aware of.  "On Veterans Day – November 11 – the design allows the sun's rays to spotlight the Great Seal at 11:11 AM Mountain Standard Time."  (If that photo was taken at exactly that time, that circle of light doesn't exactly line up with the circular seal, right?)

  • One thing we definitively learned in the election is that no school bond package can pass in a November election when voter turnout is high. The month of May is much more friendly to those propositions.
  • I was listening to KXT this morning and heard a cool version of "that song" song from the Blues Brothers film which played as Jake and Elwood were walking on stage for the Fabulous Rhythm and Blues Review at the Palace Hotel Ballroom. Then I looked down and saw it was "Time is Tight" by Booker T and the MGs.  Yep, forty years after I saw the Blues Brothers movie, I finally hear and learn of the origin of the song that came out twelve years before the 1980 movie.  

  • Every day I realize how little I know. Maybe I'll put that on a throw pillow, too.