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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +23. 

    • Despite the mild increases in state hospitalizations, I have an announcement: As the most trusted man in COVID monitoring, I'm officially moving Wise County up a DEFCON level. It's worse right now in our area than at any other time this year. 
    • Chico had to forfeit their bi-district game yesterday, and Boyd High and Alvord ISD have been hit hard forcing online learning edicts.
    • Unlike the last two waves, I think those in the county all know someone who has contracted COVID this time around. It's anecdotal evidence, but it is good evidence. 
    • Nearby Tarrant County set a record high for new cases yesterday.
  • Back in April, every day I would post the national chart of new cases.  So from a national perspective, compare then to right now: 

  • Wise County's new congressional representative is no rocket scientist, is he? 

  • There's no way Trump goes to the inauguration of President-Elect Biden, does he? I think there is absolutely no chance of it, but I have had a couple of people I respect tell me I'm wrong. Heck, I think there is a good possibility he goes to Mara-a-Lago for Christmas and never comes back. (Or sooner. He has nothing on his schedule today which is the seventh day in a row -- his second longest stretch.)
  • Despite all the screaming about "the polls were wrong!", they really weren't., the great poll aggregator and weighting site, missed on only two states: Florida and North Carolina. And even those weren't exactly earth-shaking misses. They only gave Biden a 50.9% chance of winning Florida and a 50.5% of winning North Carolina. That's pretty darn good. 

  • The greatest gift of Facebook is how it has revealed the shocking percentage of dumb people there are out there. I mean, folks who are just utterly gullible morons. P. T. Barnum, who realized that very thing decades ago, needs a memorial built to him in D.C. alongside those to Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson. He knew America better than anyone else.  
  • I've got to check with my family, but back in the day I think we had one of those turkeys for Thanksgiving every year. We always had two: A regular turkey and a smoked turkey. (Put that on my bragging montage.)

  • Speaking of, my immediate family unit had turkey and dressing about a month ago on a weekday. I'm not sure what type of witchcraft Mrs. LL was practicing that day, but it was very unnerving. 
  • Nothing like a lame duck President firing the Secretary of Defense via Twitter to make you feel secure. 

  • Fox News cut away from a Kayley McEnany's press conference yesterday because of her lying. Now the carnival barkers during the evening will parrot those lies, but at least the network takes a stand in the afternoon.

  • I've never had a good feel for the politics of the Texas legislature because it just seems to be various factions of hard line conservatives stabbing each other. Case in point, they are now attacking each other over who will be the next House Speaker. Here's very right wing conservative Jeff Leach going after the very nutty Texas Republican Party Chief Allen West.

  • COVID in sports: The Aggies have put practice on hold, the Cowboys have done the same after a Steeler player tested positive, LSU/Alabama might be cancelled, and Arkansas head coach has the COVID.  It's all beginning to unravel.  
  • This just got posted. I have questions. 

  • Trump running again in 2024 would be delicious. Just think about the insanity of the Republican presidential primary debates. 
  • Twenty-three death notices in the Update. That has to be a record.