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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: +117.

  • I'm going to address an elephant in the room: It is no secret that Wise County Judge Melton Cude is in the hospital because of COVID and is in pretty bad shape. The news has rocked us all pretty hard. The judge has been a fixture of honest and integrity in the courthouse for over 30 years, and I'm proud to call him my friend. Heck, he might be my most Faithful Reader of all.  Whether it be prayers or simply a good thought towards him and his family, he deserves it today. 
  • Of all the words and charts and debate about COVID that have been expended over 2020, they all mean nothing when you face the cold hard reality that this virus has the power to kill you. And it doesn't care who you are. 
  • But, go ahead, by all means, endanger others by not wearing a mask. If you think they don't do any good, I simply believe you're making a judgment you are probably not qualified to make. Why note err on the side of caution?  But if you aren't wearing a mask because you want to make some petty political statement because you need some sense of self-worth, I'm dumbfounded and horrified and a little more than pissed off right now. 
  • Tarrant County set a record in new cases and hospitalizations yesterday, and Mayor Betsy Price and her husband have contracted the disease.  Cook's Children's Hospital announced it had 20 COVID patients -- its highest number ever. 

  • It's not going to get any better through the end of the year. The new Time cover:

  • Rudy's legal filing in Pennsylvania to try and "fix" their allegations did not go well yesterday.
    • Why had they dropped some of the earlier claims from their Petition? Uh, they have an explanation . . . .

    • We know you love the Second Amendment, but it doesn't have anything to do with this case, Rudy. 

    • Never -- and I mean never -- submit a proposed Order with the judge's signature already affixed. 

  • If you want to go down a rabbit hole, research attorney L. Lin Wood Jr. and how he gets involved in every high profile case in America.  Examples include Richard Jewell, JonBenet Ramsey, Nicholas Sandmann (the kid who smirked at the native American), and Kyle Rittenhouse (the kid who killed two people during a protest in Wisconsin.)  I'm not sure why he is the actual plaintiff in this silly election challenge in Georgia, and it looks like the federal judge might want to know the same thing as well. 

  • Not the "easy way?" She was literally given her Senate seat by appointment and then lost in the next election. 

  • I don't know anything about Florida A&M University, but they now have the coolest mascot statue in the nation. 

  • In discussing the fired superintendent of Lancaster ISD suing for $2 million after he was let go early into his five year contract, the Musers on The Ticket got it horribly wrong this morning.  They got way off base by calling it a "golden parachute" and that the payout must have been  written into his contract.   This is completely wrong. All he is suing for is what he would have been paid on his contract had he not been fired  - something the school board even put in writing when they let him go. (It's the same thing with South Carolina coach Lane Kiffen Muschamp this week who was fired and will received $13.2 million which is the balance left of his contract.)  It's not a "golden parachute" at all. You just get the balance of your contract if the other side breaches the contract by firing you.  (Lancaster ISD is now backtracking because they found out that the State penalizes a school district by withholding funds when they fire a superintendent with more than a year left on their contract.)  
  • If I write about criminal law, I'm 100% confident in what I say. The above bullet point did not deal with criminal law. 
  • It may feel like it sometimes, but DPS "Troopers" are not DPS "Troops." You shouldn't just "send 'em in" when you want.  No word on whether they'll bring in their gun boats currently on the Rio Grande. 

  • Oh, my! The Star-Telegram has a great story on how Ellis County is treating an African-American constable.  His now shares a room with two deputies in the basement of the courthouse and has to walk by a particular old sign to get there. 

  • Countdown: Within the past couple of days, TxDOT repaired the guardrail at the exit of westbound 380 to to northbound 287 in Decatur.  Because the exit is so horribly designed, it has been knocked down literally dozens of times. I predict it will be destroyed within two weeks and that's a pretty easy prediction to make. 

  • If you're a judge, you probably shouldn't refer to a black female juror who has just voted to acquit a defendant, as "Aunt Jemima," or speculate that her “baby daddy” was probably “slinging heroin himself.” (It's in Pennsylvania.)