Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations: +194. 

  • I have concerns about what I'm hearing about the impact on one particular person at the courthouse. 
  • Here's the national "new cases" map. Remember when we freaked out in April? Also remember that the government was handing out free money back then? 

  • aTm has postponed another game this weekend. That's the seventh game overall taken off the college football scheduled for Saturday. (And it's just Tuesday.)  About four weeks ago I decided this season "doesn't count" and that belief is becoming fortified. 
  • Got quite a few comments about my hot opinion yesterday about the anti-mask crowd, but conservative Bill Kristol says it pretty eloquently this morning. If I were to have written that, I would have simply have said that "I feel a certain 'screw you' attitude coming from the guy who doesn't wear a mask in the grocery store." 

  • Trump's lawsuits challenging the election are all just a show for the audience of his most-gullible disciples. And the results will get uglier today. In the Pennsylvania lawsuit, the three Trump lawyers tried to quit very late yesterday. Two of them were allowed to and one was not. A motion for continuance for today's hearing was then denied with the judge noting the lateness of the hour and issuing a warning. 

  • That federal jury trial in Sherman that had to be put on hold last week after a lawyer and a juror got the COVID turned out to be a little worse than that: "The infected court participants include two jurors, two people from the plaintiff’s side and three on the defense side . . . "

  • Things I would risk in exchange for the chance to engage in "socializing": Nothing.  In fact, I think I've paid money in order to avoid socializing before. 

  • You Wise County folks think you are conservative? I'll show you conservative!

  • I've said this before and it makes me real nervous to even utter it, but do all of these people really need the food? And certainly those who can afford vehicles and gas money aren't the most destitute among us, right? 

  • Is this a big deal? It kind of feels like a big deal. 

  • I have questions about Ted Cruz's ability to calculate distance.  He didn't like Sherrod Brown calling out Dan Sullivan for not wearing a mask  "when nobody" was clearly within 50 feet of him. (The blonde female would like to protest this assertion.) 

  • I rarely post a picture simply because it came from the "Isn't this funny?" department, but this photo of a dog who got into an ink cartridge I saw yesterday qualifies. 

  • Sad to see the passing of former County Judge L.B. McDonald. He was a truly good guy. 
  • The soccer complex that is the subject of the story below -- which includes an 8,000 seat stadium for a "professional" soccer team -- would be at the northeast corner of Basswood and I-35 in north Fort Worth.