Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: 7,151. We didn't get an update yesterday for some reason. 

    • A national snapshot with data for the last 14 days: 

    • We've got another outbreak it the Wise County Courthouse and this time it has hit the judicial branch. The building, and other county officers, are closed today for cleaning. All of us in the county now know of someone who had died recently from the virus. It's as bad as we've seen it. 
    • States are now beginning to shut down or impose restrictions with the most stringent edict coming from Michigan. Trump's coronavirus "advisor", in response, wants Michigan residents to "rise up" against those safety measure. I suppose he is mindful of the arrests of the men who planned to attack and kidnap Michigan's governor last month.

    • I still think Texas schools will go exclusively online after Thanksgiving if not before. 
    • I went to Brookshires in Bridgeport over the weekend when it wasn't crowded yet still saw two different couples without masks. That happened despite a clear sign out front mandating their use before heading indoors. Do those kind of people simply not care? Is it some failed political statement? Are they just dumb?
    • Breaking news this morning: On the heels of Pfizer,  Moderna claims to have a vaccine that proved to be 94.5% effective in the first round of tests. Plus, it doesn't have to be stored in super-freezing temperatures like the drug from Pfizer. 
      • Am I supposed to have heard of Moderna? 
      • Moderna using the number 94.5%, when Pfizer had said its vaccine was 90% effective, makes be think of the "seven minute abs" bit from There's Something About Mary
  • Trump is sliding off the cliff to irrelevancy in record time, but I couldn't help but notice that he announced on Friday he was putting Rudy (!) in charge of his frivolous election challenges. Putting that guy in charge is the functional equivalent of announcing "I Give Up!"

  • The only other thing I paid attention to about Trump was his hair on Friday. 

  • Here's a quick loading super-cut of Tiger putting up a 10 yesterday at the Master's.
  • The newly elected QAnon following Republican from Georgia will prove to everyone that she is, in fact, a nutcase. 

  • Those rallies for Trump in D.C. went well apparently. 

  • This impromptu Proud Boy initiation is worth your time. (As with all my links to videos, they load right away.)

  • A much different kind of group showed up in Decatur over the weekend pledging to stand with Trump until the end. They've got a stick-to-it quality you just have to admire: 
    That's the same courthouse which is shut down today. 

  • Wise County economic stimulus news

  • I actually watched this remastered clip of the original news story on Youtube this weekend and was greatly entertained.  The line of "no respectable seagull" at the end of it deserves to be in some kind of journalism hall of fame. 

  • Remember when Muschamp was the defensive coordinator at the Evil Empire and was the head-coach-in-waiting behind Mack Brown? 

  • Funniest college football clip from the weekend: Lane Kiffin throwing his clipboard in disgust as he sees a wide open receiver. (Runner-up, but not funny to some of us, Baylor's Charlie Brewer getting killed as he thought he had an easy path into the end zone. He didn't.)

  • Fun facts.

  • President Abbott? The right wingers in Texas may not let him win another term as governor.