Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +138.

  • This wave seems to be more aggressive in North Texas (Wise County included) than the first two surges. Despite this, Alvord ISD is ending virtual learning as of November 10th. But, surprisingly, that only impacts 4% of the students. 

  • Scary.

  • Fox News is turning into QAnon. This was unbelievably comical last night. His producer put the original "damning" documents into a box, without scanning or making copies, and mailed them to Tucker across the country. Along the way, someone (probably Hillary) stole the documents and left the box behind. This has to be some kind of bit, right?  Seriously, is he going to announce he has "found" them today to boost his ratings for tonight? His viewers cannot be that dumb. 

  • I never thought I'd see the day that the Republican Party uses the power of the federal government to accuse a private business -- which was built using the sacred cow of almighty Capitalism, no less -- with violating another sacred cow, the First Amendment, which does not apply to that business. Up is down. Down is up. 

  • Amarillo got 4.5" of snow last night. 

  • I promise you in some big city there has been a defendant who has pulled this off. If you can trick a judge into signing a Motion to Dismiss  -- which is not as hard as it seems because they get dropped on their desk every day with no fanfare -- your 99% of the way there. The next routine step is for a court clerk to get the Order from the judge's office (happens every day) which will then cause the case to never again appear on the computer generated docket. The only remaining step is for a staff member of the prosecutor to get a routine copy of the Order of Dismissal (happens every day) and then go pull the physical file out of the filing cabinets. Then it is out of sight, out of mind. It's getting the Motion on the judge's desk which would be the hard part.

  • Free legal advice: Don't even think about pulling off the above bullet point. 
  • If you saw this yesterday, please be advised she was doing a bit. 

  • There are so many Lincoln Project-like ads that I really don't look at many of them any longer. But if I was in charge of designing an anti-Trump ad, this new one by a group I have never heard of is exactly what I would produce. 

  • New joy in my life: Wearing a mask outside when it is cold. Who knew they were so warm?
  • A couple of months ago I went to Denton and came back complaining about how getting on and off I-35 was a death wish.  One of the craziest things I witnessed was the backlog of cars to get off northbound I-35 to get on 380 in order to head back to the "humble confines of Wise County"™. You have about a two second chance to get in line to exit. Most people just slow down in the right hand lane of I-35 looking for a place to get in line and are just asking to be rear-ended. That problem is on the front page of today's Denton Record Chronicle. (But that's a lousy picture to try and demonstrate the problem.)

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  • Gotta admit, I'm not sure I've ever heard a Billy Joe Shaver song. (But I'm a self-proclaimed music idiot.)