Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: 5,206.

  • I probably shouldn't be talking about the Third Surge of COVID-19 or people in the hospital or people dying. Probably an election law violation. 

  • There's something about saying you don't want to give any effort because you're "tired" of something really sets me off for some reason. It first struck me when, during the protests after the George Floyd killing, I saw an old Wise County friend post online that was "tired" of hearing about social injustice. Really? Well, boo-hoo. Now people are "tired" of wearing masks, and "tired" of hearing about COVID. You know how you separate yourself from the spares of the world? It's how you react when you are "tired." 
  • We've got record early voting going on. Fox News brings us the breakdown:

  • If Trump goes down and flames and the Republican Party has to take years to recover from his train wreck, the GOP might still say it was all worth it. It's kind of like the question of "Would you win a Super Bowl if it meant going the next ten years with a losing record?" Although this might be more akin to three Super Bowls and 20 years of a losing record. 

  • I've got the strangest Century Link problem this morning in the office: The Internet through Wifi is working but access via the hard lines to the computers and phone is down. 
  • This Texas Monthly article about yet another DNA exoneration (although it is kind of in court limbo at the current time) is really, really good and has a striking similarity to the Wise County Lauren Whitener/Aric Maxwell case: There was a DNA “mixture” report that no one understood. But the problem in this case was that “no one” also included the defense lawyer, and his client got got wrongfully convicted.

  • There was this great line in the story: "What is scary is how tenaciously police and prosecutors cling to their initial assumptions—and how much this reflects basic human tendencies." True that. 
  • Really? The NFL has never cared about head injuries. It's all lip service and sometimes it doesn't even get that. 

  • College football:
    • I loved this final play in the Michigan Penn State/Indiana game.  I think the tip of the ball crosses the plane of the goal line before it even gets to the pylon. Here is a great video of it. The photo below is fantastic as well. Click to enlarge.

    • Rice losing a game because a field goal attempt which resulted in the ball hitting the uprights and crossbar a total of four times. Watch it

    • Baylor's top two senior running backs "opted out" of the remainder of the season last night. I wonder if the head coach deciding to punt from the Evil Empire's 30 yard line had anything to do with it. Edit: The punt was still dumb but the two players may still be with the team. 
  • The New York Post (the same Post that is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, and the only media outlet reckless enough to run the Hunter Biden laptop story) has made an endorsement after, I'm sure, hours of internal deliberations . . .