Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +72.  It's way too early to project out, but this rise isn't as sharp as the last peak.  But I wonder if that means it will just last longer. And it doesn't mean we won't hit or surpass 10,000 a day again. 

  • Never mind. I've just learned that it's all a hoax that will go away in a week. 

  • Sports and COVID: Wisconsin started a redshirt freshman quarterback on Saturday, Graham Mertz, who played lights out. Get this: He went 20 of 21 with 5 touchdowns.  After the game, he tested positive for COVID and now has a confirmation test scheduled this morning. If he has it, the Big 10 rules says he must sit out the next 21 days. (The second stringer has a broken ankle and the third string QB tested positive yesterday as well.)
  • He's not doing well this morning. And he sure doesn't feel good about the early vote. Change "it to me."

  • Actually, before Trump's tweet, the graph below shows a search for "can I change my vote" briefly surpassed a search for "chicken", but I suppose that's a trend. (Actually, Trump is referring to an article he saw from the right wing propaganda site The Gateway Pundit which started promoting this false narrative two days ago as part of their Hunter Biden fetish. ) 

  • You can't change your vote in "most" states but you can do so in seven of them. I did not know that before this morning. And I bet it is a royal pain. 
  • Everything is fine. 

  • "Election Day" is now a bit of a misnomer. We have an "election period" with next Tuesday being "the last day to vote." No day to vote is more important than the other. 
  • Due to ice, Wichita Falls closed schools today. Below is downtown Amarillo this morning with the stadium of the Amarillo Sod Poodles is in the background. (I just like typing "Sod Poodles.") As for us, we might hit a record LOW high today.  You know, "it's the lowest high temperature we've ever had."   The metroplex record was a high of only 46 in 1936.  That's in jeopardy.

  • The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is just doing bits about death row where inmates had to listen to other prisoners get electrocuted.  The only ghouls are those running that Twitter account.

  • This is a good photo when you look at Melania. Click to enlarge.

  • There been a lot of criticism of how rest of the Cowboys just stood around after the attempted murder of Andy Dalton on Sunday.  Check out this video of how the 49ers responded after a cheap shot on Joe Montana Steve Young back in the day. 

  • Despite my super Internet skills, I can't find out what was said at the Weatherford "Monster Bash" which prompted the public statement below. (But there seems to be a clear constitutional issue here: Can a city ban certain speech just because the city "hosts" an event? Don't think so. Sayin it was "not approved" is one thing. Saying it is "not allowed" is another.)

  • It really is amazing. But to the victor belongs the spoils. 

  • Man, you guys really liked my hot sports opinions on "tired" yesterday. I was surprised by the number of emails/texts I received in support of it. I might put it on a throw pillow.