Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: +194.

    • Four new cases at Decatur High this week. 
    • COVID seems to be hitting Wichita Falls hard. Its local hospital is headed towards ICU capacity, and the entire Midwestern State football team is in quarantine. 
    • That Everman police officer I mentioned the other day has died
  • I love Borat (and, for that matter, Ali G).

    • One of the biggest takeaways from that Rudy segment in the upcoming Borat movie (released Friday) is that how dumb and gullible that Giuliani is. If he can be duped by the filmmakers, he's been a sitting duck for the Russians as he runs around the Ukraine.
    • Flashback to Rudy's "Communications Director" from July. Uh, not so much:

  • If you haven't seen the 24 second video of Biden hugging the son of a man killed in the Parkland School Shooting you need to. This election is a good man vs. a bad man, and it is as simple as that. 

  • Hot opinion from President Obama on local races. He ain't wrong. 

  • I'm a big fan of the Traces of Texas twitter account because of all of the old photos it posts. Yesterday they gave us one from Jacksboro "circa late 1930s."

  • This morning:

  • It will soon be forgotten (if it hasn't been already) but Andy Dalton avoiding a safety and actually completing a pass after this moment is really incredible: 

  • Trouble continues to brew on the 40 Acres over the Eyes of Texas. Yesterday, The Daily Texan ran a story that said the Longhorn Band would not play at Saturday's UT/Baylor game after an internal survey of band members, which asked if they were willing to play the song, revealed there wouldn't be enough "necessary instrumentation" left over to participate. UT President Jay Hartzell response is here
  • Burnt Orange Nation, which has 25,000 Twitter followers, just put up a poll about the song. I have no idea what the results will be. (You have to vote at the link in order to see the current results.)

  • Every police force within Tarrant County now have the means to get a search warrant for blood in every DWI case (even first time offenders).  It's always been a murky question for me: When do the neutral judges' cooperation in signing the warrants become so complete that they become a 24 hour arm of the police?