Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: The 7 day average is still rising but we are -37 compared to when I last posted the update on Friday. That's kind of surprising to me. 

  • Trump must be stressed because he went to church on Sunday. He also gave us maybe the best photo of the campaign. (Here's a video of the moment which is, uh, weird.) 

  • Saw a story where the campaign manager for Kay Granger's opponent, Lisa Welch, was suing her for $500,000. That sounds like a relationship that is gone awry. But I didn't now this: Welch was described as "college professor from Decatur."
  • The presidential election, like it always is, is only about a handful of states. Do I think Trump will lose? After 2016, I refuse to predict. But this Twitter post of three graphics is a great tutor as to what combination of swing states Trump needs to win.   The circles obviously represent states (with their size corresponding to their electoral college clout) and are shaded red or blue based upon the current polling (which I certainly know to take with a grain of salt.) It assumes Trump takes Florida, Ohio, and Georgia which he must have.  Save this for election night. Click on the link to view it all better.

  • But if it all goes South for Trump on election day, those who embraced him don't get to abandon him. And you certainly can't start to running away from him now. It doesn't work this way. Cornyn owns Trump. They all own Trump. 

  • There is no bottom for some of these people. 

  • A bunch of Bubbas were arrested by Trump's FBI for planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan so what does Trump do? He leads a Michigan crowd in a chant of "Lock her up!" And this occurred on the same weekend as the groups "training video" for their abduction plan was released. 

  • I learned for the first time this week that Texas, and other states, used to have Congressmen who were voted upon "at-large" (that means "statewide" for those who aren't a political expert such as myself) instead of by Congressional districts. In Texas, that would normally happened when we would get a new representative(s) after the census and the legislature didn't redraw all the districts to include it.  That ended in 1967 after the Supreme Court's "one person-one vote" ruling. 
  • Come on, that's funny.

  • Random TV movie: A former Dallas QB out there seducing women to bust up the Klan. (And the line of "Or getting his own throat cut" seems a little harsh.) 

  • Biden bought the house in 1972, shortly after the death of his wife and daughter, and it cost $185,000. He sold it in 1996 for $1.2 million. And Biden hasn't been a a U.S. Senator for over a decade. (And you guys want everyone to believe the New York Post stolen laptop story planted by Giuliani and Bannon?) 

  • I watched The Matrix for the first time this weekend. I didn't care about the cool special effects -- although they are still very cool -- what I wanted was more on the concept of that we are all living in a computer simulation.  Let me tell you something, that theory ain't that crazy. 

  • Random real estate story in this Sunday's Dallas Morning News for a third floor condo. 

  • Very rare music link for me: Miley Cyrus covering Zombie by The Cranberries. Nothing wrong with that at all. Girl's a nut, but she can sing.