Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: +93. Upward bound again. 

  • A gentle reminder for the "it's just the flu" and "masks don't work" crowd: 

  • The article doesn't expressly say it, but it looks like Parker County got hit with a ransomware attack. And this sounds like it is causing them a problem: "The county’s court system was taken offline and all courts are closed at this time." (And for you Wise County tech folks, there is a an easy back-up system that is already in place if you utilize it.)

  • Below: The President of the United States.  And I don't even understand the "trying to talk people out of" part. 

  • Drudge continues to drag him. 

  • Troy Aiman and Joe Buck got caught on a hot mic apparently mocking stadium flyovers. (Audio.) Aikman jokingly(?) ended it with "That stuff ain't happening with Kamala/Biden ticket, I'll tell you that right now, pardner." Aikman was on The Ticket this morning for his weekly radio show but The Musers didn't ask him about it. So sad for the Courage Boys. But you should have heard the Alt-Right Boys on WBAP this morning arguing over whether Aikman and Buck had revealed themselves as Secret Dirty Libs.  

  • Oh, my. It's not real clear in this story as to what allegedly happened. One sentence says, "Colin McLaughlin is accused of having paid for sex with a woman who was his client in January 2019" and another says, "The indictment accused McLaughlin of knowingly offering to pay another for the purpose of engaging in a sexual conduct."  Quick thoughts: (1) Prostitution is generally a dumb law but the allegation that it is with a client tricks that up quite a bit, (2) It's not readily apparent to me why this is felony charge since prostitution is normally a misdemeanor, (3) How'd the cops get involved in all of this? Is there some back story that we are not privy to? There normally is.   Edit: A faithful reader caught that the story says the offense carries with it "a maximum of 6 months in jail." If that's true, it's very possible a grand jury was used just as an extra "precaution" to indict a misdemeanor just to make sure everything looks like it's on the up and up. 

  • It's been under the radar, but last week the writers of the Star-Telegram all decided to unionize. And they seem uniformly united in the move. They've all changed their Twitter icons. 

  • Legal nerdy stuff: Can cops pursue you into your house without a warrant claiming "exigent circumstances" when the only circumstance that exists is they just saw you commit a Class C (fine only) offense? The Supreme Court just agreed to answer the question. And it happens more times that you would think (e.g. cops see you roll through a stop sign a block from your house and you get to your garage before they stop you. Normally they could would just knock on the door and ask you to come out, but sometimes they'll at least enter the garage to try to get to you. And sometimes they barge right in.)
  • Very odd random Cowboy thoughts: (1) Man, I just don't get this Kyler Murray hype. (2) Andy Dalton is too cocky to just be a spare quarterback. (3) I don't like my coaches to be fat. (4) Others have brought up that Zeke ain't right because he has had the 'Rona. There might be something to that.
  • Trump was just on Fox and Friends.  Chains, Trains, and Automobiles. Audio.

  • A photographer has sued Bevo!  Here's a video of the incident. The photojournalist “was on one knee in front of the portable railing which Bevo was behind,” according to the petition. “Bevo XV rammed his longhorns twice into Plaintiff’s back causing permanent injury to Plaintiff’s neck and back.”

  • Oh, My Part 2! There are just average guys out there who have been scarred for life with sexual registration requirements for less. And I really like Toobin but sheesh . . . .