Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: 3,195 (-12)  I think we now have leveled off.  But if it has, will we see the crazy rise again? And, man, that late June to July rise was incredibly steep. 

  • There have quietly been some small school districts in Texas which have announced they will completely end remote learning. I saw a notice from Edna ISD and Roosevelt ISD as a couple of examples. 
  • Democracy doesn't die in darkness after all. It's in the process of being be murdered right on Fifth Avenue.  This is chilling. But it also is an admission of how terrified he is about election day. 

  • From absentee voting to extended early voting, why are they so scared of making voting more convenient?

  • I'm fascinated with the ransomware attack. Fort Worth ISD just paid $337,000 to hackers in order to get them to release their servers. I guess before you would pay it you would check with other governmental entities/previous victims who paid the ransom who could confirm the hackers kept their word. And, as odd at is sounds, the more "credibility" the hackers get with keeping a track record of keeping their word, the greater the ransom they can demand from the next victim.

  • The lack of indictments in the Breonna Taylor case are not surprising. In America, we have a system in place where cops can do half-assed search warrants, complete with lies and omissions, which are then often half-assed reviewed by rubber-stamping judges who are supposed to be  "detached and neutal magistrates". And then armed with that warrant, the cops can explode into your home in the middle of the night and, while confused with fear, you're suppose to cower down and take no action in the midst of mass confusion.  And if you don't, you die. And it's all legal. 

  • My favorite photos as Justice Ginsburg's casket arrived at the Supreme Court.

  • This made me laugh when the news came out that the Los Angeles Chargers team doctor had accidentally punctured the lung of the starting quarterback.

  • Around Lake Bridgeport in the Twin Hills area, I saw an ADT Security Services van yesterday. I'd bet big money that is 100% related to the realization that the killer of Lauren Whitener has not been caught. 
  • Speaking of Lauren Whitener murder and the Aric Maxwell fiasco, the Wise County Messenger was gracious enough to invite me onto their podcast to talk about the case. The audio is here. The video isn't up yet which is sad because I'm pretty good-looking.