Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: 3,132 (+51). I've still got my eye on this.

  • Look at this spreadsheet showing how PAC Empower Texans (Wilks and Dunn) is trying to buy Shelley Luther a seat in our State Senate District 30. It's amazing. (Source: Texas Tribune.)

  • Speaking of Senate District 30, one of the candidates brought the COVID to Decatur. That ain't no way to campaign! "According to Springer, he and his wife Lydia went to a campaign event in Decatur on Sept.14. Lydia was taken to the hospital later that night for unrelated symptoms and was eventually tested and diagnosed with COVID-19." 
  • Did you guys see Dak's get-up on Sunday? Serious question: Is it now fashionable to have jeans that come to above the ankle when wearing cowboy boots? I've seen this on the TV box a couple of times in the last week. 

  • I keep hearing anecdotal evidence that young males really don't watch sports on TV and can't imagine, even when adults, of ever paying to watch them. (And to think I watched the network broadcast of Super Bowl XIII on Youtube over the weekend between the Cowboys and Steelers and was overcome with teenage nostalgia. I remember the friend's house I was in when I watched it, who all was there, and where I sat on the couch.)
  • Supreme Court thoughts:
    • Will the Senate never again approve a justice appointed by a President from a different party? That used to be routine. Thanks have changed so dramatically that I'm not sure it will happen now. 
    • Supreme Constitutional Amendment Proposal: Have Supreme Court justices limited to 20 year terms and have it so that every two years a judge's 20 year term expires. If a judge dies before his 20 years, the appointment would be only for the unexpired term.  I just don't know how to get it started from scratch. 
  • What would you have thought if you had seen this photo one year ago?: The Raiders celebrate a touchdown by mimicking using hand sanitizer all while in an empty NFL stadium during a real game.

  • I don't follow video game news but yesterday Microsoft paid $8.5 billion to buy a company which is in that business. This sentence got my attention about the purchase: "To put that in perspective, that’s almost as much as Disney paid for both Marvel and LucasFilm combined."
  • "I'd like to use this forum to spread the Gospel, but first I'd like to promote my lord and savior as well as the only personality left in the Fox family who will have me on TV." Man, I despise Jeffress so much. 

  • I can't tell you how many kind emails and messages I've received from both friends and complete strangers in response to my posts about the Aric Maxwell case. Many have made me tear up a little. Of special note was a fancy handwritten thank you card from a lawyer in little Hamilton, Texas who I have never met. And then yesterday I got this. No return address. Not signed. (Please don't do this. But I'm keeping all it and and framing it.) 

  • It's Tony Basil's birthday. Fun fact: She was 37 when she recorded the video to Mickey.

  • Fox, by itself, currently pay $1.08 billion a year for it's Sunday NFL package. The contract expires next year. Bloomberg reported last night that the new number will be around $2 billion a year.  It seems like a good time to remind you that the 32 team owners' cartel have for years agreed to a salary cap on players.