Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas hospitalizations: 3,204 (+9)

  • Due to the crazy rescheduling, Bridgeport will now have a Monday and a Wednesday football game this season. Add that to the list of things you would have never predicted in 2020.
  • When I was a kid, no extra-curricular activities of any kind were ever scheduled on Wednesday nights because that was a "church night."  The devoted/hard-core church goers always had a Wednesday evening "bible study" to go to in the main church sanctuary which was led by the pastor. You didn't mess with that. 
  • Watch a lady get tased for not wearing a mask at an 8th grade football game in Ohio. What is it you guys always say? "If an officer tells you do something then you do it. That way nothing bad will happen."

  • Uh, oh. Trump has competition for a major award.

  • A former Playboy model sued Fox News' Tucker Carlson for defamation. She lost yesterday because her lawyer's successfully argued that no one could possibly take him seriously. Really. Yet old white guys watch him every night and think what he is saying is gospel.

  • They stole my idea! I suggested it this week! (I said 20 years, but I'm still claiming it.)

  • Gov. Abbott, trying to calm down the Trump base who hates him because he won't declare COVID a hoax, proposed new penalties for rioting yesterday. Since I've never seen a rioting criminal case in Wise County, I had to look up the definition. What a mess. After reading the definition below, does anyone feel comfortable knowing what's a crime and what's not? The only thing clear is the "seven or more persons" part. And what about the requirement that it's an offense only if you "knowingly" participate in the riot. Does that mean you just knowingly engage in an assemblage of seven or more people where someone then suddenly goes off half-cocked on someone or does the State have to also prove you knew someone would go off half-cocked?

  • The following news story makes more sense now. Flashback: 

  • Legal technical stuff: Hey, it's none of my business and this has to be a mistake, but in looking at the Wise County district court's docket entries for a case set for hearing today (CR-16509), that "Satisfactory Order of Termination" of probation being filed before the State's Motion was filed would seem to be a problem. 

  • Below is a very obscure and random fun fact after last night's NFL game.  And I just like posting his picture:

  • My award winning appearance on the Messenger's podcast is now up on Facebook in video form. 
    Is that Brad Pitt?
  • It has now been announced that the DNA which solved the 46 year old Fort Worth cold case was actually extracted from sperm cells found on the victim's bra. Imagine that. Law enforcement in Tarrant County believes that sperm cell DNA found on the victim in a capital murder cases belongs to the killer. The Wise County Sheriff still won't admit that in the unsolved Lauren Whitener case. 
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