Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 32 (same)
  • Texas hospitalizations: (-112)

  • Big 12: The Texas Tech Red Raiders reported 21 yesterday. The Oklahoma Sooners reported 17 active cases on Monday.  Meanwhile, in Aggieland in general:

  • In Kenosha last night, an armed man (or kid) allegedly killed what is believed to be at least one person and also shoot another in the arm. A great part of the incident is included in this footage which is the best one I've found. (Graphic.) He was running at the beginning of the video and a group seemed to be after him. I'm not sure what happened before that.  The online masses think they have him ID'd as a 17 year old. And we already have the debate breaking out of "He's a White Supremacist Boogaloo Boy" vs. "It's all just self-defense from those thugs."  Good morning, America.  

  • From the RNC last night:
    • "As a recent [law school] graduate, I can relate to so many of you might be looking for a job." - Tiffany Trump, the daughter of a sitting president, who can't find a job? Not the greatest ringing endorsement. 

    • I thought this looked a little familiar. 

    • Ugh. "You followed the rules, you obeyed the laws" as Trump brazenly violate the Hatch Act.  

  • Noticed this line in this story: "The $31 million project is made possible by generous donors. Lead donors Mark and April Anthony of Dallas, Texas, and Rick and Debbie Wessel of Westlake, Texas, participated in Saturday’s groundbreaking ceremony. Other key donors include  . . .  Donny and Marcy Edwards of Bridgeport, Texas."

  • I'm telling you, something very weird is going on at Fort Hood. This appears to be a suicide.

  • I noticed someone got arrested for drugs last night in Wise County but the Rhome cops added a charge of “Prohibited Weapon - Tire deflation device.” I had to look that one up. It "means a device, including a caltrop or spike strip, that, when driven over, impedes or stops the movement of a wheeled vehicle by puncturing one or more of the vehicle's tires." I had never seen that one before. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold (The self inflicted gunshot wound by the Bridgeport teenager which happened in front of police sounds horrific. And I don't understand how it's a front page story but it's not in today's Update.)