Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 31 (-1)
  • As to the statewide dashboard numbers, Collin County began to ignore them last week because of unreliability. Flower Mound did so yesterday. 

  • Texas Hospitalizations: (-101)

  • The 17 year old Rambo who shot two people in Kenosha makes my head hurt. He's just so young and dumb. Here's a video taken before the shootings of him talking like he's out there to be some kind of superhero.  Hey, dumass, life isn't a Call of Duty video game. Speaking of, how is Tucker Carlson on the air? "Maintain order"?

    • Here is the first video of the 17 year old shooting someone in the head at a boarded up building. That's what started it all and why he was running away with a crowd following him in the video I posted yesterday.
    • The first guy who was shot threw some kind of bag at the 17 year old before he was killed. There's that video (with someone syncing up the first video with it). That doesn't justify getting shot in the head. 

    • But I can't stress enough how open carry of an AR-15 makes criminal prosecution of anyone so difficult -- whether it be when, like here, the AR-15 carrier becomes the shooter or someone shoots the AR-15 holder (like in downtown Austin). Every self-defense case requires the prosecution to eliminate any reasonable doubt that the shooter was not reasonably in fear of his life. You inject an AR-15 in a scene like this and it becomes a criminal law nightmare. Everyone gets hyped up and on edge when you see someone walking in a volatile environment with a long barreled gun. Everyone thinks they can be killed at any second.  It's a recipe for disaster. That's why to allow open carry is beyond moronic. 
    • That being said, Castro is right.

    • But his police agency hasn't exactly been firing on all cylinders. Nothing to see here. Just drive on past the white guy carrying a gun with his hands up who had just blown away two people. 

    • You kind of expected this. But I'm kind of surprised the Trump campaign issued a statement distancing from the kid. 

  • That was quite the statement yesterday as NBA players protested the shooting of Jacob Blake by refusing to take part in the playoffs. The WNBA followed suit as did some teams in MLB and the MLS.  Players have come a long way since they were scared of retribution for just taking a knee during the anthem. Oh, and check out the T-shirts which were worn by the Washington Mystics:

  • This is code. Fortunate. Translated: "See what happens when we allow those unappreciative uppity blacks to not suffer consequences?"

  • After being on the run for 12 years for the shooting of his daughters in Irving, yesterday Yasar Said was finally arrested in, of all places, Justin.  (I just learned that there's actually a documentary of the case on Amazon called The Price of Honor.)

  • Hurricane Laura came through with only a drop of rain in Beaumont -- all the winds and rain hit in southeast Louisiana where there's basically nothing there except a couple of tiny towns. Didn't Gov. Abbott declare a disaster for several Texas counties a couple of days ago? 
  • Have you seen the creator of Dilbert explain how Biden's name is actually the sign of Satan? Seriously. "666 identify - That's what Joe Biden's name is." It's loony bin crazy. 

  • I've had my second major iPhone problem in less than a year. This one now won't recognize the password of some Wifi networks even when I know it is correct. Stuff like that never used to happen with Apple products.