Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active: 44 (-8. That's as of Friday, the most recent numbers.)
  • Texas Hospitalizations: 5,635 (-449 since Friday).  I thought it would begin to flatten out right about now. There's still a chance, but I'm beginning to wonder. 
  • This will be interesting: On Friday, TEA announced that Texas school districts will have to report their COVID-19 numbers beginning on September 1 and those numbers will be released to the public.  And, yes, football begins Friday. I never dreamed it would happen. 
  • KellyAnne Conway is leaving the White House to spend more time with her wheels-off 15 year old daughter. 
  • The Republican Convention begins this week. Quite the line-up they are throwing out there. 
  • The Republicans announced they will not have a Platform for their convention. It's all about an allegiance and loyalty to Trump now. Man, that's a bold move. Instead of distancing from the guy, they are going all in for him. Will Lindsey Graham finally be prophetic? I think about this tweet from him a lot.
  • If you want to be the next State Senator for Wise County, you will have to get on it. The deadline to file is now Friday for an election to be held on September 29, 2020.  Gov. Abbott has cited the ongoing pandemic emergency as a reason for the quick election. Please note that West Texas ultra-conservative oil money is not happy as they see it as a way to shoehorn in a win for State Rep. Drew Springer.  Oh, and Shelly Luther announced her candidacy from the steps of the old Denton County courthouse protected by a couple of overweight middle aged men, one with an AR-15.
  • Golfer Nick Faldo is getting married. It will be his 4th. It will be her 7th. He's literally in love with a stripper.
  • This is horribly wild. 
  • I can't recommend Showtime's Outcry enough for a look at how the worst prosecutors are the ones who are oblivious to, or don't care about, making sure someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before they decide to prosecute. They can destroy lives. For those who have seen it and were stunned to learn that Assistant D.A.  Geoffrey Puryear (pronounced "Joff-ree" as in Game of Thrones) was appointed by Gov. Abbott to a district judgeship, take heart. The job was in Travis County and he was appointed to fill-in for a newly created court. He'll face an election in November and a Republican isn't winning in Travis County.
  • Twitter had to ban a Trump tweet over the weekend when he tried to scare people away from voting by telling them they might get COVID-19. The President of the United States "violated Twitter Rules about civic and election integrity." Think about that. (And have you ever seen a politician more scared of people voting?)
  • Baylor's men's tennis coach abruptly resigned last month. Now we know why. He sent these text messages to a student "who hoped to a make Baylor's women's team." Oh, my.

  • I'd like to call off my hurricane alert for Houston. (I told you I don't have my certification yet.) It looks like it'll be no big deal. But it apparently doesn't take much these days to declare something an emergency. 
  • The Daily News is pretty hard on the GOP this morning. In all honesty, I bet they put on a pretty good prediction. Trump may not know much, but he knows TV.