Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County: 30 active cases
  • Texas: Clearly headed downward (as is most of the nation.) Prediction: This downward trend will continue throughout August. Unknown: (1) How the opening of school and colleges in September will impact it. (2) Will there be a "second wave" which was already predicted.
  • Anyone else curious why Trump is obsessed with hydroxychloroquine? It's flat out weird.
  • Junior was the subject of discipline yesterday for the first time in his life. (I absolutely triple despise him.)
  • Didn't expect "demon sperm" to be on my bingo card yesterday.
  • So local school boards trump county officials in deciding if and when schools will open? AG Ken Paxton is a nutcase, but he's also a political genius.  Rumors are that he has his eyes on the governorship and, if true, what better plan that to issue a legal opinion that will get every single Texan to say his name yesterday.  No one will care about the fine print that the opinion, like all of his opinions, are not binding. 
  • Senior-in-the-House to me last night: "Who is this Ken Paxton guy and what is the Tea Party?" Oh, my. Pull up a chair, darlin'. 
  • I'll say it again, watch the documentary 13th and you'll know this is just a political code:

  • I've never even been remotely tempted to open up a suspicious email link but, I've got to admit, I'd sit there and stare at these Chinese seeds a long time as I contemplated secretly planting them. 
  • I'm very interested in how college football will handle their season. There was a pretty wild update yesterday: Ohio State will limit seating to 20% with no tailgating. (UT has announced it will be 50%.)
  • Watch Luka almost get the business end of an automated moving camera.
  • I read (the very short) story which was more than Fox 4's social media headline writer did.
  • That was a wild video showing New York police abducting a person off a bicycle and throwing them in an unmarked car. Police actions look a lot different when they are stripped of their badges and uniforms. And all this was for damaging property? (And the cops weren't "assaulted with rocks and bottles.")

  • The "Umbrella Man" who incited violence in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd  was a white supremacist
  • In a new interview, Trump says he hasn't confronted Putin about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban in exchange for the lives of U.S. soldiers despite having eight recent conversations with him. But he lets us know he's got it all figured out. 
  • Where is Jerry Jones? 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold