Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 30. Right after the outbreak occurred in the spring, we quickly hit a death toll of five people. That number hasn't changed in months. Anyone believe that?
  • Texas: New cases are down, but we did set a new record high in deaths yesterday. It's so high that even I think there's something wonky with the number reporting. But a handful of other states had new death records as well yesterday.  
  • I keep talking about how he speaks in code. It's not even code any longer. Good lord. I'll say it again: Is he trying to lose?
  • My timeline just got flooded minutes ago with this economic news. We knew it was coming, and now we finally see it. 
  • More breaking: Oh, my! Moments after the economic news came out, Trump tweeted this! Are there Vegas odds on whether the U.S. military will have to physically remove him from the White House in January of next year? 
  • "Democracy Dies In Darkness" is not an exclusive method of demise. Trump just tried to kill it in broad daylight. At the very least, he has now become a clear and present danger to its continued existence. 
  • The the Mayor of Simpleton, Louie Gohmert, got the COVID, and he thinks it's because he's been forced to wear a mask. "I can’t help but wonder if by keeping a mask on and keeping it in place, if I might have put some… of the virus on the mask and breathed it in.”
  • Gohmert's district should have been mentioned as support of my belief that  East Texas is part of the South. 

  • The Mavericks are in the news again. Compare and contrast what I wrote two weeks ago. 

  • Three past presidents will attend the funeral of Rep. John Lewis today. One is missing because of health issues. One is missing because he doesn't care. 
  • They've spent $1.2 million on that system in the last year. They also can afford gun boats on the Rio Grande. But heaven forbid you have to go down to the DPS office and talk to a human being.
  • When you see a random real estate story from New York and immediately want to know the back story. 
  • It's 2020 when you can glance up at the TV and even this doesn't cause you to blink an eye. 
  • The ACC announced yesterday that it thinks they can pull off an 11 game schedule by making it conference only + 1. It's not exactly a bubble they'll be playing in. I just happen to have a map, such as: 
  • I just mentioned yesterday that the University of Texas was planning on 50% capacity this fall, but  by the time I hit the publish button the Evil Empire threw me a curve ball: 
  • I've got it on pretty good authority that because of a policy of the Wise County Jail during the pandemic -- a policy regarding who they will and will not accept -- that there are hundreds of Class A and Class B misdemeanor warrants that are being held by various Wise County towns which remain voluntarily unexecuted. The thinking is: Why arrest someone if there is no place to put them?