Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 39 (-1 from Thursday).
  • Texas: All we got yesterday were the lower weekend numbers, but the death numbers really plummeted even factoring that in. 
  • This is consistent with the TEA guidelines issued in the first week of July, and all schools will require it. 
  • But, man, the bigger news is that Decatur voted last night in a 4-3 vote to prohibit those kids who opt for virtual learning to participate in extracurricular activities. 
  • Since the UIL has given all 4A schools and below the OK to play football beginning at the end of August, do they have to wear masks since they have to do so in the classroom? Anyone else see a little bit of a problem here? 
  • None of the restrictions in Texas issued on July 2nd apply to counties with less than 20 active cases. Right now, there are 53 counties on the list (which includes bordering Jack and Montague counties.)
  • After the PAC 10 and Big 10 rocked college football by announcing conference only football schedules, the Big 12, SEC, and ACC are still planning on playing full football schedules. Opening games are set for 30 days from now. Man, that's bold.
  • Me to Mrs. LL this weekend: "This planet has too much gravity. It could be reduced by 50% and we'd be just fine and life would be more pleasant."  Think about it. 
  • Trump quick hits:
    • Is he trying to lose
    • How many times do people in the West Wing look at each every day and utter the question, "He just said what?"
    • No, in the America you want it to be illegal to say negative things about you. 
    • There was a widely circulated false video claiming a cure for the coronavirus. It was so bad that even Facebook had to ban it. Then, last night, Trump found it and retweeted it on Twitter.  Twitter had to delete it from Trump's feed.   
    • Look what I got in the mail! And please note the word "executive." (And that's some credit card quality plastic they used.)
  • It's not for everyone, but CNN is doing a four part series on this last term at the Supreme Court with insider information. We are hearing stuff we normally don't. Remember we oddly just learned of Justice Roberts fall that put him in the hospital in June when it wasn't publicly released? Someone's talking.  Part 1. Part 2
  • I finally watched the first Coen brothers film, Blood Simple, over the weekend. It's good stuff. It stars the very young Frances McDormand (the female cop from Fargo), Dan Hedaya (Mr. Butabi from A Night at the Roxbury ), and the great M. Emmet Walsh (who I will always remember from Raising Arizona with the line "No, not that mother-scratcher! Bill Parker!")
  • I'm now into Season 3 of The Leftovers, and I'm waiting for the end before a give a smokin' hot TV opinion about it. But in the first episode of the season, it opened with an extended mysterious scene accompanied with the background song of I Wished We'd All Been Ready.  I was giddy. I was able to mouth every single word of one of the darkest, fear-jolting Christian songs I ever learned as a kid. 
  • Below: Not surprisingly for that guy, but the Denton County Sheriff may not know how to run a jail. (Side note: Have we not had one reported case of the coronavirus at the Wise County Jail? If no one has asked, I'm asking.)