Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County: 34 active cases. 332 pending. 
  • Texas: For the first time, due to Trump's new requirement that hospitals report to HHS instead of the CDC, we are now seeing wonky numbers on hospitalizations. Notice how they magically had a mysterious drop yesterday? That's one way to solve the pandemic problem. (If you know where to look, HHS will admit that yesterday's numbers represent just 85%-90% of hospitals reporting in Texas. That's not 85%-90% of the total number of people in the hospital, but 85% to 90% of hospitals. So we can't even estimate what the real number is. It shouldn't be this hard to get information in America.)

  • I've got a theory on this one, and I feel bad even for saying that much. 
  • This seems obvious. (But, I'll be dang, that's exactly what the order says.)
  • I kind of poked fun at Bridgeport PD Chief Steve Stanford yesterday for a new picture I had seen on his Twitter profile. It just seemed a little, uh, different to me. He was a good sport and reached out to me and told me he enjoyed the mention. Then he hit me with an "Oh, by the way" message to let me know he actually had been re-creating a photo of his grandfather, Doc Whitehead.  
  • I knew better than that. Whenever we see anything not fitting perfectly into our view of what "normal" should be, there's always a story behind it. I've preached that for years. #Beartrap
  • I need someone to explain to me how Michael Cohen can get released from prison and placed back on home release after filing a lawsuit claiming a violation of free speech rights. From a legal standpoint, I have no idea what is going on. 
  • The front page of the Wichita Falls paper is primarily dedicated to a high school junior who was taken off life support after a horrific traffic accident. 
  • One of these days I'm go to take a deep dive into the conspiracy theory that The Official Liberally Lean Girl is being held against her will and medicated. 
  • Housewives. He said, "Housewives." (And I haven't even mentioned his "Biden is going to destroy the suburbs!" campaign talking point is code for "The black man will move to your neighborhood!")
  • If I wasn't so cheap, it would have been fun to be a DoppleRanger (at least if they would have allowed you to trick it up a bit more than they did.)
  • I found out this morning that Jennifer Aniston's dad is the evil Victor Kiriakis from Days of Our Lives! (But I'm having a weird memory problem since Wikipedia tells me he played that character beginning in 1985, yet I would swear that I only watched the show way before that in high school during my lunch break.)
  • Here's Dr. Fauci's first pitch in case you haven't seen it.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold