Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County: 32 active.
  • Texas is a weird mix. Record hospitalizations. Record deaths. But new cases seem to have leveled off (at a very high level.)

  • "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." One of the little talked about aspects of this entire crazy monologue is that he thinks "person" would even be in a list like that. 
  • Correction from yesterday: It is Paradise ISD, not Chico ISD, who has voted not to allow extracurricular participation by students who have elected the option of virtual learning. Chico votes next week. My research department regrets this error.
  • Local SWAT teams were doing what SWAT teams normally do in Fort Worth and Arlington yesterday.

  • Who would have guessed that Jade Helm was really named Operation Legend and run by Republicans?
  • The only House Republicans from Texas voting yesterday to remove Confederate statues from the capitol (which passed on a vote of 305-113 were): Reps. William Hurd, Michael Burgess, Van Taylor, Dan Crenshaw, Michael McCaul and Pete Olson.
  • Name this Chief of Police in Wise County: 
    (I'm just funnin' with him. I like the guy.)
  • Speaking of chiefs of police, who is going to replace Rex Hoskins once he leaves that position in Decatur after a krillion years to become Constable of Precinct 2? (Oh, and I like him, too.)
  • Mookie Betts of the Dodgers got a 13 year $392 million contract yesterday. As in all baseball contracts, because they have a union which knows what it is doing, every dime is guaranteed. 
  • Random Music Thing I Learned Yesterday: Tainted Love by Soft Cell was a cover
  • Random legal stuff: Earlier this year the Supreme Court struck down any state law that allowed someone to be convicted of a crime by a jury which was not unanimous. Louisiana was the only state still remaining which allowed it. Now the question is whether the new decision is to be applied retroactively. (How can it not be?) Anyway, yesterday I learned of the number of people who are still locked up in Louisiana because of a non-unanimous verdicts: 1,677. Good lord. 
  • Random legal stuff #2: The Texas Supreme Court sent out new rules to district court judges regarding how they should round up a new grand jury in the world of the coronavirus. This is a very curious one of them: Although there has always been a fine for failing to respond to a summons to show up as a potential grand juror, judges are "encouraged" not to threaten anyone with it on the face of the summons. 
  • The baseball season officially begins today which is a good time to remind everyone that Field of Dreams was ultimately about turning a magical baseball field in a cornfield into a tourist attraction/commercial enterprise so Ray could pay his mortgage.
  • My radio show this morning asked this question: "Is Texas part of the South?" I think East Texas is but the rest of Texas isn't.