Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County new numbers: 33 active cases.  It's your call if you want to accept it as accurate. 
  • Texas. I'll just go with the active cases chart today. The last two days are from the weekend, so we are now resetting for this week. I think we will begin to flatten out, but then I noticed this last weekend's numbers were higher than the weekend before, and those were higher than the weekend before that.  
  • Hidalgo County has ordered its own lockdown. Technically, it can't under our current emergency power hierarchy. 
  • California has officially moved  high school football to the spring. 
  • I keep waiting for the hammer to drop because of the economic crunch in Texas due to the combo oil/coronavirus crisis. Yesterday brought news that we are finally beginning to see it. 
  • This is what happens when someone finally convinces you that every decision you've made has been a disaster. (He once mocked a reporter for wearing a mask as just trying to be "politically correct.")
  • They are going to have to drag him out of the White House in January.  One thing is absolutely true: If he loses, there is no way he attends the inauguration of Joe Biden. 
  • If you think that one day a coronavirus vaccine will be announced, everyone will take it and, voilà, crisis over, you're kidding yourself. Just wait until you see all the nut cases as well as the conspiracy theorists who claim that the vaccine is nothing more than a diabolic government plot.  And the percentage of our population which qualify as a nutcase is at least 30%, right?
  • I'm really confused by the Law and Order crowd these days. The local DA in Missouri said he would prosecute these two for recklessly point a firearm at  another. And before the process could even begin, the AG announced he's "entering the case to seek a dismissal" and the governor announced he'll pardon them if convicted.  
  • I've got a stack of criminal cases on my desk where I think my guy is getting screwed over. Is there some process in Texas that I'm not aware where I can just ask the AG or Governor to preemptively kill the cases? 
  • Speaking of Law and Order, Gabe Kapler better be careful. The new norm is to have mysterious federal agents snatch you up and shove you in an unmarked SUV because you are perceived to speak ill of the state. 
  • There's been a fake tweet by AOC which has been going around for weeks. Just when I thought people can't be any more gullible, Fox News Brian Kilmeade spread that literal fake news last night. 
  • Fox News is having a bad week.
  • UT announced they will go with a 50% capacity for home games this fall. That seems extremely optimistic. Or apocalyptic. 
  • I'm a (weird) fan of stadiums and often brag about the many of them I've been to. (I need a montage.) Anyway, here's the latest look for the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood which will be home to the Rams and Chargers. There's a lot going on there. It's a pretty high resolution photo is you want to click on it. 
  • With the Rangers' new ballpark having its soft open today with the a/c blasting, look at this chart I stole from the Dallas Morning News.
  • The killer of the federal judge's son in New Jersey has killed himself. He has quite the background: He's a self-proclaimed "anti-feminist" lawyer, and spent his first years out of law school with one of the largest law firms in the nation. 

  • I was watching Community last night when all the characters were in a psychiatrist's office. One said,  "He's crazy but not Robin Williams crazy." That was a "Whoa!" moment. I had to check the episode's air date: May 10, 2012. Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014.