Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board. Tuesday's new cases: 24,742. Yesterday's new cases: 26,473 (a new record). Total Wise County cases: 3.
  • Deaths. Tuesday's deaths: 573. Yesterday: 1,049 (a new record). Total: 5,102.
  • After they mayor of Los Angelas said that all residents "should" wear masks, Larado went with a bigger government slap down:

  • I think I'd go with a full jihab to make it as confusing as possible.
  • After a 24 hour respite, Trump went back to the old Trump yesterday as the U.S. death count from the coronavirus topped 5,000. 
  • And the daily briefing began with an unrelated, tired, and failed update on the War on Drugs. And it went on for over an hour. I can't tell you how much I've been worried about cocaine lately. They are laser focused up there. 
  • Which kind of begs the question of: Why are nonviolent people ever required to make any stop at the jail whatsoever. Just right 'em a citation and tell them the court will contact them for a court date.
  • Why is the South always so hellbent on acting like the South?  Texas finally-maybe-kinda has a shelter-in-pace order, and Florida finally bit the bullet an ordered one yesterday.  Georgia at least gave us insight when it's governor, Brian Kemp, ordered shelter-in-place when he said in yesterday's news conference that he just learned on Tuesday that the disease could be transmitted by people showing no symptoms. “We didn’t know that until the last 24 hours” he said.  Watch it. 
  • An update on a recent scandal while you were worried about paying your rent yesterday. 
  • DPS Troopers are now having to get off their gunboats on the Rio Grande in order to man the U.S. version of Checkpoint Charlie. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime. 
  • There was a heck of an ending to police chase in Detroit yesterday. Quick loading video here. No one died simply because there was no one sitting in the back seat.
  • The nemeisis of the Tiger King is a the type of witness every trial lawyer wants to strangle. 
  • Things that are happening that most of us don't think about: City governments are run off sales taxes which will plummet this year. They've never had to deal with something like this.  And Texas schools are funded by property values which will have to plummet once this thing finally peaks. To that end, the date of when the property is "appraised" this year will be important for next year's schools' budgets.