Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Board. Sunday's new cases: 18,882. Yesterday: 20,353 (a daily record). Total 163,844.
  • Deaths. Sunday's new cases: 363. Yesterday: 573 (a daily record). Total: 3,156
  • Will someone frame this for me? 
  • If my information is correct, the lone Wise County coronavirus case is a long-time resident from the Bridgeport area. 
  • It's getting awkward in Collin County. Recall that the Collin County Judge won't impose shelter-in-place and then the McKinney mayor, perhaps illegally - perhaps not, tried to impose greater restrictions on the city than the judge wanted. 
  • Macy's won't survive this. And they are just the tip of the iceberg of companies that won't make it. 
  • If the Coronavirus Pandamic didn't exist at all, what is happening in the oil patch would cause Texas to be in full scale panic right now.   As the Midland mayor said in The Washington Post this weekend, "It was like a switch flipped.We woke up to the industry shutting down, and that’s not exaggeration." And here's this morning's Wall Street Journal as oil closed at $20.09: 

  • So we had a My Pillow commercial during the coronavirus press conference yesterday? 
    It's like a Good Contractor's List radio commercial.
  • Make no mistake about it, the My Pillow guy is nothing more than a guy who runs a SuperPAC who takes a cut.  He floods right wing media with money via ads to spread the pro-Trump message, those who listen to that echo chamber buy My Pillows, and then My Pillow turns around and dumps more money with more ads into the right wing media all the while legally skimming money off the top as a for profit company. The product doesn't matter. See e.g. Relief Factor.
  • That "God gave us grace on November 8, 2016"? 
  • So we shut down everything but won't do testing because of a little rain?
  • Call me crazy, but unless we are under martial law with troops in the streets and all hell breaking loose, arresting a pastor for holding a church service is one of the most shocking things I've ever seen. And a Sheriff bragging about it on social media is downright disturbing. The way Americans have just cowered down like scared children to any government edict, issued oftentimes on what seems to be a whim, is really surprising to me. But I feel like I'm in a tiny minority with this view.

    "If he had just opened up a liquor store, we wouldn't mess with him."
  • Bag of Nothing said something yesterday I agree with 100% : We throw the term "hero" around was too loosely these days.  It does mean "doing your job." 
  • For those who have seen Netflix's Tiger King, here's a shot of the Official Liberally Lean Girl with Doc Antle of South Carolina in the background.  Here's the performance on YouTube.
  • With almost all of the local news anchors broadcasting at home, I've noticed how they all try to get a background shot to make their home seem as opulent as possible. Come on, show me a recliner with cords strung every which way. 
  • Good question I heard this morning: How did Skype lose out to Zoom in the videoconferencing world?
  • Wise County Jail population this morning: 119. That's about as low as I've seen in the last several years.