Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I only mention that I had what the common man would refer to Major (Essential) Oral Surgery yesterday which even further cements me in as The Hardest Working Man in Show Business (if I don't pass out before I get to the end of this.)
  • The Board. Wednesday's new cases: 24,742. Yesterday's new cases: 29,874 (a new record). Total Wise County cases: 3.
  • Deaths. Wednesday's 573. Yesterday: 968. Total: 5,102.
  • Hobby Lobby thought it was God's will that they remained open. County Law didn't agree. Counter-point: Liquor stores remain open. 
  • Gov. Abbott's "no personal" bond order got roasted today in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
  • Dallas County's Clay Jenkins makes $180,000. I haven't heard him mention a pay cut. 
  • I've been proclaiming Uber to be a House of Cards for over half a year now. This current situation won'd help. 
  • Dez and Dak not social distancing 
  • I haven't checked in on the Longhorn Channel lately but I presume that it is showing the 2006 Championship Game against USC. Heck they play that non-stop in the middle of an ongoing football season. 
  • He had kind of a rocky gig in Dallas but he's moving up to a rockier gig.
  • A faithful reader told me the property value assessment date state and local taxes is always January 1. There are some murky exceptions for things like Hurricane Harvey, but it looks like your upcoming proposed property tax bill as already been locked in regardless the the coronavirus. 
  • Don't you have be at least and "adequate thinker" in order to be able to locate "great thinkers"? And freakin' Jared Kusher is going to lead us? Seriously, how does he even get to be behind a mic?
  • Yep, this edition is a little abbreviated. My mouth hurts.