Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • TCU has cancelled its spring football game due to practicing with "only about half of an 85-man scholarship roster" due to injuries and new players not yet on campus. I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before. That Cheeze-It Bowl must have taken its toll.
  • When I was a little, little kid, we all went to Disneyland on a family vacation. The travel agent told my dad that for $20 more the entire family could take a helicopter direct from the airport (LAX) to a helipad near the hotel and Disneyland. We took it.  I remember my mom was kind of freaking out because the helicopter seemed kind of rickety, and dad would later disclose he had serious concerns. He should have. That helicopter crashed one week later due to "fatigue failure" killing all 18 passengers and crew. True story. 
  • The lady who was beaten in Deep Ellum now has a warrant for breaking the window of the guy's truck.  As another example of how the new Dallas DA is already going to war with local police agencies, the office issued the statement below. Translated, it says, "The police made this decision and not us. Once we get the case we are going to kill it."
  • "This photo was buried in our #Galveston County Fair photo gallery from Friday and that's a crime." - Galveston News reporter. I have no connection with any of this, but someone should have put this photo front and center. Nothing like the quick monkey-on-a-dog glance checking out the position of his opponent as you enter turn two. And throw in the intensity of the dogs, and we've got us an award winning pic.
  • Once second you are a district judge, and the next second you're not. (Article.) He's not the first elected official to make this mistake. Apparently he "announced" his candidacy for a different position on Facebook, but I can't find exactly what he said. That seems kind of important. 
    He had been in office three months.
    Article 16 Sec. 65 of Texas Constitution.
    (The word "announce" seems very vague and generic.)
  • The mere suggestion of this profession might be the only thing which would cause me to say, "Have a seat right there young lady. I want you to listen and listen good."
  • This is an example of a paid ad. There's no way Fox News is dedicating a segment to Dunkin' Donuts without getting paid for it. But you can't just sit there and talk about how great the company is, because that's too obvious. Instead, Dunkin' Donuts comes up with a throw-away gimmick (peeps) to at least "justify" the segment, pays Fox News, and magically you have a commercial disguised as a segment.
  • Great hypothetical on the Ticket: Would you drive down to Waco to pick up a free $250? $150? $50? What's your price?
  • Speaking of Waco, the Twin Peaks Biker cases ares now officially over (except for the lawsuits) with the dismissal of the final 24 criminal cases. Do you recall how many people were arrested immediately afterwards and held on $1 million bail each?: One hundred and ninety two.  
    • I'm proud I've criticized the police and especially ex-DA Abel Reyna in this fiasco from the git go, so I went back and tried to find the first time I expressed doubts about the way the cases were being handled. I found it: May 25, 2015 which was just seven days after the incident and at a time when all of those people were still sitting in jail. This was what I wrote
    • Once again, I've proven not only am I a sports and weather genius, but also a legal genius. 
  • The abrupt cancelling of the AAF (the new football league) is just weird. This theory floated yesterday makes it even more mysterious:
  • There is a major politician who is trying to trick you about their ancestry. Donald Pocahontas Trump yesterday, for the third time, said his father was born in Germany. He was born in New York. 
  • In a weird TV moment, I was channel surfing last night and discovered I had something called the Cheddar Business Channel and, even more confusing, they were showing the very funny Nathan For You
  • Messenger: Above The Fold