Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Insurance update: After three weeks, the Allstate adjuster finally came out and now we wait for an appraisal of the damage. (But I've learned you've got to have someone there on your side who speaks the language of the adjuster -- both details about construction and insurance. And that someone needs to have previously gone over the house with a fine tooth comb on their own. The adjuster yesterday started out wanting to make it quick without even wanting to pull off the tarp but ended up spending two hours with my guy talking about all real and potential problems.)
  • Sparce crowd at the Rangers last night. 
  • I ran by Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and he was dogging Joe Biden about benign sexual harassment accusations and asking if that should disqualify him from being president.  Is this bizarro world? Hannity is part of a cult that worships at the foot of the actual Grab 'em By The P Man. 
  • In other news, Trump Jr. sat down with Fox News to talk about how disappointed he is in his father for those past "grab 'em" comments, Stormy Daniels, and more. Scratch that. He wants to alert us this morning that Biden maybe "rubbed noses" with a woman 10 years ago. (No one gets crucified in the comments more than Junior.)
  • Last night WFAA's Dale Hansen invoked Jesus regarding Trump's juvenile obsession with The Wall.  "And I don't think for a moment that the Jesus my mom knew and taught me about as a little boy would look into the eyes of the hungry, the homeless and the poor and tell them to stop at the border....while I build a wall."

  • Mrs. LL watches American Idol which causes me to look up and see (and be annoyed by) Katy Perry. There was something about her I couldn't put my figure on, and then someone pointed it out: She's looks like Shirley Jones from The Partridge Family days. 
  • Tragic news out of Bridgeport where married classmates of mine died within one week of one another due to health related reasons: Damon and Sharron Tucker.
  • Just like the Three Mexicos, that brown country of Puerto Rico just "take[s] from the USA."  (And they've actually received $11 billion.)
     "Uh, some, uh, people out there in our nation don't have maps . . . such as."
  • This April Fool's joke is actually a fantastic idea:
  • A faithful reader insisted on the following: