Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, there are a lot of questions about the burning of a 75 foot "dive boat" which caught on fire near Santa Cruz Island and presumably killed 34 people (25 bodies have been found as of this morning.)  Six crew members escaped. The company which ran it had a "sterling reputation" (a co-owner is one of the dead) and the boat had been updated in recent years after a homeless man stole it an ran it aground.  The fire occurred during a weekend Labor Day trip that cost $665. The boat could sleep up to 46 in bunk beds -- some stacked three high. 
  • Hurricane Dorian can down in history as one thing: It's weird. I've never seen one go so slow for so long and then do the (predicted) hard right hand turn.
  • Get those Fall clothes out. 
  • While in Ireland and at Trump's suggestion, VP Mike Pence and his entourage is staying at Trump's hotel in Doonbeg for two nights and commuting on Air Force 2 to Dublin.  Your taxpayer dollars at work. 
  • If you ever hear someone say that a famous comedic scene in any sitcom or movie was "completely ad-libbed and the director just let the cameras roll", that person is probably completely wrong. (I thought about this yesterday when Ticket fill-in host Peter Welpton said that about the character Quint's USS Indianapolis speech in Jaws: "He was actually drunk and he just decided to that on his own." My famous Skepticism Radar® immediately went off, and a quick Internet search proved me right.)
  • Here's your Odessa victims. "The youngest person to die was Leilah Hernandez, 15, a sophomore and basketball star at Odessa High School who was with her family at a car dealership when she was shot."

  • The first media outlet to report that the shooter in Odessa had been fired from his job earlier in the day was the New York Times. You'd think someone in Texas media would have known that. Side note: He lived in the place pictured below. Side note #2: He had a sister who graduated from aTm who committed suicide at age 34. 
  • The Angels pitcher who died in a hotel in Southlake had fentanyl in his system. I was wondering when I first referenced that drug on Liberally Lean since it keeps popping up in the news. I found it: June 5, 2007. (I also found that Texas Monthly did a long article on Jacob Stiles death a few years later.)
  • In case you missed it, you need to watch this guy's plan to defeat the Hurricane Dorian. (Spoiler alert: It involves the Navy and Ice.)
  • I dropped my reading glasses at Lowe's yesterday while messing with a hefty item. I thought, "Don't forget about them after you get this thing situated in the cart in a few seconds." During those few seconds I did indeed forget. Then I had to return to the store six hours later (ugh) and decided to swing by the aisle to see if by wild chance they were still there. Incredibly, they were.