Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  •  It's been 20 years, and I had almost forgotten about it. 
  • Northwest ISD how has a "clear bag" policy for varsity events.
  • The Texas Rep who fired off hot opinions on gun rights after the Odessa Shootings decided to confuse his very conservative followers with this yesterday:

  • Not to be outdone, far right Rep. Dan Crenshaw tells everyone that with new laws he couldn't lend his guns to his friends because they couldn't pass a background check. 
  • And then rumors start circulating that the leaders in Austin will consider Universal Background Checks causing a mutiny among state Republicans. 
  • The NFL starts tonight so it's time for my Expert Sports Prediction on the Cowboys. The line for total wins is at 9. My bet-the-house-and-your-wife prediction: Take the over
  • In case you missed Sharpiegate, Trump has been bent out of shape ever since people made fun of him for claiming on Sunday that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.  (He specifically said the Alabama news "just came up, unfortunately.") That, of course, wasn't true. By Sunday, all projections had it turning north. The National Weather Service quickly jumped in to calm down Alabamians.
  • Then, since he can't just let it go, yesterday he showed reporters a NWS map in the Oval Office that had a black Sharpie line drawn over Alabama.  He actually thought we wouldn't notice. 
  • When everyone made fun of that, he then  tweets a map which (1) is four days before his original Alabama claim and which showed a few outliers going through Alabama, (2) was not from the NWS but from something called the South Florida Water Management District, (3) and contained the biggest disclaimer in the history of ever. 
  • And the goofball is still at it this morning. Take the loss. Let it go. 
  • Texas executed another guy last night. The case originated out of Tarrant County, and I noticed his current lawyer was not too kind to his trial lawyer: "Brandt says his past lawyer, Richard Alley, was a 'great word processor' who cut and pasted 'worthless' legal arguments from other cases and has been suspended from practicing in federal court. In 2006, three years after the murders, Alley was barred by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals from its list of lawyers eligible to represent death row inmates in their appeals. He died back in 2017."
  • I was reminded of the kidnapping of two children near Chico by the Comanches in 1865 and found this great page created by the fine folks which have documented basically every cemetery and grave in Wise County. 
    • It has taken me years to realize how recent the events like that are. One of the children  lived until 1950.  There are many people in Wise County right now who could have sat down and talked to him about the kidnapping. 
  • This report of a hate crime caused me a little confusion.
  • I know nothing about some product called "Relief Factor" but there is no way I'd order based simply on the people who promote it.