Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Yep, the hardest working man in show business. On. Labor. Day.
  • We had another bloodbath on the streets of Texas on Saturday with seven dead and a toddler shot in the face.  Gov. Abbott showed up and oddly decided to come to the defense of AR-15s. as he "wanted to point out" and said it was "very important" that we know that some of the mass shootings did not involve that type of weapon. He cited Santa Fe and Luby's as examples. Feel better? 
    "Toddlers are funny because they get shot and still want to run around and play"
  • One Texas state rep fired off some hot gun-loving opinions while the blood on the streets of Odessa was still warm. He's still getting buried in replies. (I left out the one where he said gun ownership was a "God-given" right -- something I did not know.)
  • I also don't know if the Grand Bahama Island is still there this morning. 
  • Dear clerk in Wise County Justice of the Peace #4, you double entered citation number TX5J9B0YIG8K ("cut corner on left turn") on Friday. 
  • In otherwise boring coverage of a random city council meetings, we need more gems like this buried in the Messenger
  • As much as I enjoyed the return of college football, shots of Liberty's Hugh Freeze coaching from a hospital bed might have been the highlight. Yes, this really happened.
  • Nothing like Trump tweeting out a classified photo which probably showed the U.S. is violating Iranian air space (most experts think that is not a satellite image.) 
  • As Sunday morning dawned and the nation mourned another mass shooting and is on edge because of a category five hurricane, Trump offered some words only a leader could offer:
  • He's not wrong. But the first thing I do is look to inside to see if this is worse than just a simple car theft this morning.
  • One of college football's great traditions is the gathering of boats on the Tennessee river outside of the stadium of the Volunteers. It's tailgating on the water. Early Saturday morning, a 41 footer caught fire and sank. (Later the team would catch also burn as it lost to little Georgia State.)
  • John Travolta was up in studio on the Ticket last week to promote his new movie, The Fanatic, which was only showing locally in a theater in Mesquite. (Yep, one theater.) It opened in limited release but even then made no money per theater.  He was an incredibly nice guy in the interview and his filmography is amazing (Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, Pulp Fiction, Face/Off and a million others you've forgotten). A new article in The Ringer is a fascinating look at the incredible roles he's turned down and his odd career choices.

  • I normally wouldn't link to article like this, but the pictures of Don McLean ("American Pie") and his young girlfriend is worth they journey.  Story
  • Hurricane news coverage flashback:
  • It's amazing now that Seinfeld was able to get away with dating an 18 (or 17?) year old girl. If you want an update on her, her's here Wiki page.  She's 44 and doing Ok.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold
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