Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I thought it was an error that caused the UNT logo to appear on the field graphic during the Cowboys game last week. Nope. A faithful reader tells me I'm wrong. The school and the team have entered into some type of partnership
  • Jerry Jones is a national treasure as he explained yesterday why he is not worried about Zeke's hold-out.
  • Trump doesn't understand that his base fears Red Flag laws, and he was Exhibit A yesterday of why. The government (Trump) wanting to take the guns away from someone based upon one instance where that person became angry or, worse, because he is perceived to be a political enemy.
  • This is an amazing and disturbing fact: There are 179 full time federal appeal court judges in America. Trump, in a little over two years, has now appointed almost one-fourth of them
  • I've mentioned the Dr. Death podcast before about the Dallas surgeon. Now it's going Hollywood  with Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. (Here's the original D Magazine article that started it all.)
  • Did you know you know you can download your entire Amazon purchase history (or at least from 2006) in spreadsheet form? Sum a column and you get to learn how much you've spent.
  • I have a typo every morning. The Update rarely does. But they had one yesterday that confused me. At first I thought it had to be with the "million" or "billion" reference but that didn't make sense. The problem ended up being the existence of the word "from" which was later deleted.
  • Odd thing about the two car wreck on Saturday night on 380 according to the Messenger: "Both drivers were from Shubuta, MS."  I heard one of the witnesses said, "They were acting a fool with one another." 
  • Also according to the Messenger: The massive Vinson family property off of 287 in Rhome (that's the Bridgeport Vinsons) is getting close to becoming a residential development with some big time investors in negotiations. A family member of mine told me over 25 years ago: "He bought that place by the acre and he's going to end up selling it by the foot." 
  • I've made it a point to proclaim over the years that Yahoo! is the dumbest company ever. They had the chance to be Google in the 1990s and screwed it up. They made Mark Cuban rich by buying a company that turned out to be worthless. And you know what company this headline is referring to that bought Tumblr at one time for $1.1 billion? Yep, Yahoo! (Tumblr just sold for $3 million. My Bridgeport High School math skills tell me that's like buying something for $1,100 and it later being sold for $3.)
  • The crazy website 4Chan had a message board post about Jeffrey Epstein's death before anyone else and before the news had been officially released by authorities.
  • I should have referenced this yesterday in my continuing rant of "How does Uber have expenses that are so large?" This helps answer it: 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold