Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a bad two car wreck between Bridgeport and Decatur on Saturday night that Mrs. LL came up on right after it happened. There was still dust in the air. 
    • She stopped, got out and ran over to one of the cars which was off the road and had rolled several times. There wasn't anyone in it. She saw someone else pointing and she found the driver 40 feet away who was basically unconscious. She held his head still and tried to talk to him as he slowly came to. EMS arrived very quickly. 
    • "When I touched his shoulders one of them wasn't where it was supposed to be."
    • She ended up with blood all over her arms. 
    • Why'd she get so involved? She's a former paramedic. And, trust me, she will tell you she's a former paramedic.
    • This is the car that rolled and ended up on a cross road.
  • I asked on Friday how does Uber burn through so much cash. Later that day I saw this story where Dallas is in the running to get an Uber "major office" which will employ 3,000.   Uh, 3,000? To do what? 
  • Never did I think all sides in this country could come together over anything but I've found it: Having a conspiracy theory about the death of Jeffrey Epstein. 
  • But Trump, suggesting a former president murdered Epstein, settled it once and for all: He's a certifiable nutjob. 
  • He doth protest too much.
  • Brittney Griner went after a gal on Saturday night and if you see fear in her eyes, you're right. She ran like a rabbit, and it's pretty funny. (Video.)
  • Remember the Wichita Falls case where the parents of a guy accused of sexual assault won the $15 million Texas Lotto? She testified last week that she has spent $400,000 "to hire defense attorneys Heather Barbieri and Katherine Devlin of Plano, according to testimony and court records." Then the "tab" grew to $600,000.  Good lord. 
  • The only interesting thing about the Cowboys preseason game was an unexplained appearance by the University of North Texas. 

  • If you remember the Lasalle River Boat ride at Six Flags, this is a 100% must see. It will flood you with memories because you get to hear and see the whole thing without a narrator or voice over.  And three things: (1) Some of it is now very politically incorrect, (2) I had forgotten about seeing two guys dead from hanging, and (3) I promise you my family road it once when I was a kid and the secret doors shown at 5:40 did not open, we smashed into them, and then the waterfall opened up on top of the boat.  It was insane.
  • He's no Anton Dotson, but he's pretty close. I present Billy Tatum. (Video.)
  • I saw that this attorney in Waco is running for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. I don't know if she's qualified or not, but I'd get rid of the Uncle Rico pose. (Side note: This is another person I went to law school with who I have no memory of whatsoever. But she's score-boarded me: She married a doctor,  and "she also has owned Dental Creations since 2001, a company that manufactures products for use in dental labs and offices.")

  • If you want to go down local sports media memory lane, watch the new documentary (full version in that link) produced by the Cowboys on Barry Switzer. You won't learn anything new, but it is still great.  (When the Cowboys held the first press conference introducing Switzer, I went over to the now closed Mattie's in the middle of the afternoon because they had the only TV I could find.) 
    You get to see Switzer punch Hansen in the shoulder.
  • Thanks to a suggestion from the courthouse, I watched HBO's Who Killed Garrett Phillips. It's really, really good, and I have a lot of hot opinion on the prosecutors involved. But since probably less than 5% of you have seen it, I'll st
  • Messenger: Above the Fold