Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So the Cowboys offered $30 million but Dak wants $40 million per year? It probably doesn't matter where in that range they settle on because I bet the sticking point will be the amount of guaranteed money. (Carzon Wentz recently signed for four years and $128 million -- $32 million a year on average - with a little over $107 million guaranteed.) 
  • I saw a guy who showed up for court yesterday only to find out that his bondsman "had gone off his bond" and a warrant had been issued.  I hope there was a real good reason from the bondsman. 
  • A faithful reader was also on the scene of the wreck on Saturday where Mrs. LL jumped out and got involved. He sent me these two pictures of the guy's car. He also was concerned enough to get an update on the driver's condition the next day where he learned he was in remarkably good shape. Then again, anything other than dead after being thrown from that car qualifies as "remarkably good shape." 

  • An (administrative) county judge -- every Texas county has one -- can get his salary supplemented by the state by well over $25,000 if, instead of his normal duties, he has to dedicate 40% of his time to "judicial duties."  It's been called into question before as to how many judges improperly claim that money. The county judge in Wichita County is being subjected to a "court of inquiry" right now because of it. 
  • Want to see inside Celina's new locker room and weight room that is part of their new $25 million stadium? And we're talking Celina.
  • This is outside the DPS "supercenter" in Carrollton yesterday. Do I need to remind you of the heat? Do I need to remind you that DPS doesn't care one iota about providing drivers license services?
  • It just dawned on me that the monstrosities depicted in the photos of the last two bullet points are government buildings. One caters to a high school kid. One is ill equipped to help a guy get a license so he can get back to work.
  • CNN's Chris Cuomo dang near whipped a guy who called him "Fredo."  I'm impressed. Fox News' Sean Hannity even came to his defense
  • Decatur won the state championship in volleyball last year, and yesterday Bridgeport moved to #1 in the Texas Girls Coaches Association’s 4A poll for the current season. Decatur had been #1 in the previous week's poll. What's in the Big Sandy water?
  • I still can't get over Trump smiling and doing a thumbs up with the baby whose parents were murdered in El Paso.  Seriously, what would your reaction be if you were handed a baby and told, "His parents were just slaughtered." You'd look in the baby's eyes and cry, right? Trump and his third wife's reaction is best described as one thing: Obscene. 

  • So let me get this straight, the Republicans control Austin but now they've called in the Texas Rangers to investigate a backroom meeting between the Republican Speaker of the House and the head of right wing lobbying group who acts like a mob boss? Are they trying to turn Texas blue?
  • On days like this, is there any difference between keeping a thermostat at 74 vs. 79 degrees? Won't the unit run basically the entire time anyway? 
  • "I watched this video last night and it's still freaking me out. A deep fake where Bill Hader turns into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan while impersonating them."
  • I've installed two smart switches that control outdoor lights in an effort to experiment on having a "smart house."  It was amazingly easy. (I'm not so lazy that I got tired of turning them off and on  -- it's the sunset/sunrise timer that almost all of the manufacturers let you set.)