Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A former Bridgeport cop who was briefly, and I do mean briefly, with the department has been arrested on Indecency with a Child allegations in Grayson County. 
  • This story has been going around for months and the Miami Herald took a deep dive into it yesterday. There's a lot going on here (and lots more, I suspect, that hasn't been revealed.)

  • Some faithful readers who just happen to be federal employees have been denied access to Liberally Lean! Now this is censorship!
  • There are 150 Fuzzy Taco restaurants? The Decatur one doesn't have the vibes of a big chain at all. 
  • Is it wrong to wonder who to believe?
  • The city of Riviera Beach, Florida has agreed to pay $600,000 to hackers who used ransomware to lock down its computers.  This happens all the time, and happened to the Wise County Sheriff's Office a few years back. However, the ransom paid by Wise County didn't unlock the computers, but the good news is that they only paid one bitcoin which was then worth about $500
  • The Messenger unveiled a new website look last weekend, but I wonder if there might be a problem with old stories. I did a Google search for the sheriff's office ransomware story and these links showed up. The first one was a hit, but it was dead and redirected me to the Messenger's home page. (The Google cache link still had the story.) I clicked on the other two just to see if they worked, and they also redirected me to the home page. Are the old links gone?
  • Of course, not every Hispanic votes Democratic, but this Texas Tribune story just released about the Census data indicates the question now should be "When will Texas turn Blue?" and not "Will Texas turn Blue?" And the answer is sooner than you think. These are shocking numbers showing Hispanics will out number whites in Texas in three years
  • Is "little" Marco Rubio OK? First, he shows up at Trump's rally in Orlando after hating the guy during the last Republican Primary, and this morning he's quoting Bible verses. And regarding his recitation of the Lord's prayer, the King James version says "debts"/"debtors" instead on "trespasses"/"trespass against us" so he's good on that. But where does this "final test, but deliver us from the evil one" come from? I had to look it up. It's the New American Bible Revised Edition released in 2011.  In his defense, it's probably the one Jesus used. 
    From 2/26/16
  • I think I've found the highest court appointed lawyer bill for a case in Wise County history: $42,000. (It was a long murder case last year, and it possibly included two lawyers. I knew it would be big when I saw about a dozen banker's boxes lined up by the defense table.) 
  • Two very important points: (1) I can't believe she can simply refuse to answer questions and can get away with it, and (2) Man, is she good looking. That's a Hollywood starlet walk she is throwing down there. 
  • Yesterday I wrote that the prosecution of Texas AG Ken Paxton had "stalled." because the special prosecutors weren't getting paid what they wanted. Thirty minutes later the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied a rehearing in the case confirming they won't get their big pay day. Coincidence?