Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Target had a cash register/computer malfunction on the Saturday before Father's Day that shut down their operation for about two hours.  Can you image the money they lost? But most of the focus was on customer inconvenience. I'm not familiar with this "lifestyle guru" who was upset with Target, but the following didn't work out for her. She deleted it.

  • Count the confusing parts: The 21-Year-Old-College-Senior-Home-From-School was on her way from DFW to Lithuania yesterday but, due to the storms that came through, ended up in an Austin hotel room overnight with a 16 year old female traveler who was also flight delayed. Confusing enough? How about if I told you Mrs. LL was waiting at Houston International to help rescue her.
  • This is great: Trump gets all grumpy when his Chief of Staff coughs during his answer to one of George Stephanopoulos questions. (But you can tell he understands TV by resetting his answer.) 
  • O.J. Simpson is now on Twitter and tells us "you'll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything."  He and I have something in common: Why would you guys out there even care? 
  • I'd rather they show the background at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach than the actual golf. 
  • A few pretentious gems in this story about a couple who live in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. (Ticket fans: That's the father of former board op Grubes.)
  • She had been around forever but apparently she got fired on the spot on Friday after an office argument with the new DA. I'd love to know what that was about. 
  • All the news media freaked out on Friday as reports broke that a Fort Worth deputy had been gunned down in his car in downtown Fort Worth. It turned out that he fell and hit his head and then pasted away. Tragic either way, but that wasn't the best news filtering by the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. 
  • There was a car fire on the North Dallas Tollway this morning. Watch this (quick loading) video for a "small" explosion as a firefighter walks up to the front of it. 
  • The New York Times reported that the  U.S. has been planting malware into Russia's power grid but officials don't trust Trump enough to tell him. (Trump confusingly said it was "treason" for the Times to release the information about the hack but then turned around and said it was false story.)
  • Here's why Greg Abbott has signing ceremonies for bills which would become law even if he didn't sign them: Far, far right stations like OAN report that he is responsible for all the bills. (By the way, Liz Wheeler of OAN might be a Stepford wife.)
  • I watched HBO's Chernobyl. Verdict: Two big thumbs up. (It's a great drama, and you get to learn the basics of how a nuclear reactor works.)
  • This was wilder than I expected:
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.