Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • We've all seen this picture by Tom Fox of the Dallas Morning News of the shooter yesterday. It's great. It might win a Pulitzer. But one of the little talked about aspects of the photo is the reflection of the shooter on the right in some mirror-like panel on a column. That has to be a reflection off a similar mirror  facing the shooter which is then projected onto an opposite mirror which is then capture in the photo. Captured in a moment of what would have been a once in a lifetime photo even without it. Edit: Getting some emails that the reflection is actually from the granite -- not mirrors.
  • But I'm not sure when that photo was taken. The crazy footage of the shooter in action shows the photographer hiding being a column. But the picture couldn't have been taken from that vantage point because the photo shows two protective cylinders behind the shooter, the absence of multiple big planters in the background, as well as the street with the pickup in the background. It doesn't add up.  (And the street view from two years ago doesn't show any reflective mirrors on the columns.) Edit: One Faithful Reader says the photo was taken a block away and the photographer then moved closer. 
    As shooter approaches
    Shooter fleeing to run across the street
    Street view from 2017. (Those trees in the planters must be now gone.)
  • And we learned that the shooter was a vet, a gun nut, and a Civil War fan. And this caused my head to hurt: "One meme he shared [on social media] referred to a 'Chad rampage' vs. a 'virgin shooting' — the Chad vs. virgin trope is a common 'incel' meme, which is short for 'involuntary celibate.' The meme contrasted how two men — a 'Chad' and a 'virgin' — would go about carrying out a shooting."
  • Gloria Vanderbilt has died. You don't know fashion chaos until you lived through the late 1970s where teenage girls were paying for overpriced Vanderbilt jeans while other girls went with equally overpriced Jordache.
  • As predicted, the Supreme Court amazingly says it's OK for the state and the feds to prosecute a guy for the same crime in two separate prosecutions. But Trump appointee Gorsuch sounds like a dirty lib in his dissent. And he writes like me. He starts sentences with "And" and "But" and used my trademarked one word sentence of, "Really?"

  • Really?
  • Job opening. (Side note: There was a time in this county where everyone called the town "Alvoyd." Now you never hear it.)
  • Right wing Williamson County is going to do this? 
  • Millions? This is just another red meat lie to his base. 
  • He got mad a Fox News again. "Something weird."
  • The 21 Year Old Going To Lithuania Update from yesterday: It took her 20 hours to fly from Dallas to Houston.  She's now delayed four hours in Frankfurt airport. But she is happy to report that she got a food voucher for "10 Euros!" I sent her a message to not make any Hitler jokes.