Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We got the roof finally repaired and re-shingled over the last five days. And not a day too soon.  (Repairs on the inside are about to begin and the insurance issues, if any, are about to come to a head. I'll let you know.) Flashback:
  • I'm beginning to think the new Waco D.A. isn't any smarter than the last one. He has announced his office will oppose recent requests by some of the bikers to have their records expunged even though their cases have been dismissed. Why? Two reasons were given which make no sense: (1)  “Those cases were dismissed. Are they not satisfied with that?” he said. Uh, no. That's an idiotic thing to say. (2) It's possible "some additional evidence surfaces 'down the road' and they can file [other] charges." Not only is that practically and extremely unlikely, an expunction is no legal bar to refiling a case with the same or additional charges.  Now his office will have mini-trials in each expunction case on whether there was probable cause to arrest those people in the first place. He really wants that? 
    Maybe I'm wrong. He put "All" is in all caps and double-underlined it!
  • Meanwhile, in Wisconsin yesterday a guy got to scoreboard all of us.  You never seem to see someone young win those things.
  • Interesting to a handful of outlaws around the Wise County courthouse: The Sixth Circuit federal appellate court has ruled that marking tires to determine if a vehicle has been parked for a time greater than that allowed by a sign posted is unconstitutional. "[The lawyer] argued that marking tires was similar to police secretly putting a GPS device on a vehicle without a proper warrant, which was the subject of a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling." 
  • Trump's nominee for the Federal Reserve dropped out. He should have added "because you never know when I might have to pay off more sexual harassment claims" right after "making money."
  • A new college football rule: If a game advances to a fifth overtime, the teams will run alternating two-point plays instead of regaining possession from the 25-yard line like in prior overtime periods. That Aggie/LSU game last year that ended up 74-72 got their attention.
  • I almost booked a ticket to go to L.A. to join a protest on behalf of the Official Liberally Lean Girl, but it turned out to be a false alarm
  • I saw this graphic so I watched the latest Jeopardy episode last night. (I record it every day but never watch it.) He's quite the machine. The guy knows everything and controls the board by going to the hardest/most financially rewarding question in each category first. After 14 shows, he now hold the top five places in total daily winnings..  (My radio station floated an interesting and unfounded conspiracy theory this morning: What if we have a 1950s quiz show scandal unfolding? I noticed that Alex Trebek said yesterday that "a lot of people have been watching" and ratings were the motivating factor behind those scandals. And, to add fuel to that fire, this guy is a "professional sports gambler.")
  • And I'm happy to announce that the Sophomore In The House new the correct question to the following Jeopardy answer in the category of "American History" (I did help her out when she asked, "So what was going on around that time period?")
  • A Friends photograph that I bet you have never seen:
  • The Travis County DA will no longer prosecute drug cases where the lab returns with an amount designated as a "trace." (When the lab says that, it means there wasn't enough to even weigh. Technical translation: It was less than 1/100th of a gram.) 
  • We had quite the contrast yesterday. Recall the Mueller Report said: “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” But Jared Kushner said in a rare interview that it was just "a couple of Facebook ads." At least, heaven forbid, he didn't say, "some people did something."  That type of downplaying would be considered offensive to any patriot. (Trump called his son-in-law "extraordinarily smart" as the interview was going on.)
  • Another day. More paranoia. Oh, by the way, courts don't interfere in Impeachment proceedings. (Which I'm not in favor of.)

    "I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and
    powerful in his denial today."
  • Troy Aikman was drafted into the NFL 30 years ago yesterday. 
  • I may be the only guy defending him and he might be a nutcase, but the Open Carry advocate who went into the neighborhood of the Speaker of the Texas House Dennis Bonnen to hand out fliers wasn't the threat that he was made out to be, and he got a hold the DPS video to prove it. He didn't go to the Speaker's home as alleged and he wasn't "stopped" by troopers. It was almost a love-fest. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.